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Thursday, January 5, 2012

stud and suede

(cardigan - Viva, studded top - Topshop, suede shorts - Topshop, creeper heels - New Look, socks - New Look, tights - Primark)

The outfit I wore for travelling to France and I know, you might be wondering why am I wearing heels for travelling when you're suppose to be wearing comfortable clothes, well to answer that question. I'm meerly trying to break in these shoes since it's a bit tight and since were only sat in the car for hours on end driving and then the ferry is another 2 hours of being sat down.

I actually decided to exchange it after we got to Belgium because they were really tight after I first walked with them from the hotel to the city centre but then it has already been used too much that the condition is unexchangeable so now I'm crossing my fingers that I could break them in even more for spring and summer.


  1. J'adore ta tenue!!! Superbe!

  2. i like your cardigan a lot
    it's great

  3. I loooove your shoes and shorts! The shoes look pretty comfy, too! That sounds like a long time to be breaking something I , but I guess if they're small...I've done that before now that I think of it and it took me a while...hopefully it work out well for you! (sorry for babbling in comment form on your blog)

  4. Hi thank you everyone :)

    To Quinn: I know it's quite a long time since I can't wear it most of the time because of college and the rain and possibly the frost/icy sidewalks so I have to wear flats so I don't fall flat on my face :) haha and it's alright, not really a babble compared to how much I babble :) haha


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