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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is the closest you'll get to the US of A prt. II

(aztec burgundy jumper - New Look, jacket - Topshop, star & stripe print skinny jeans - H&M, burgundy socks - New Look, black wedges - Varanni)

This is a very head turning, in-your-face outfit I wore for college on the first day back after the Christmas holidays. It was the exact same outfit I wore for travelling back from France to England but couldn't take pictures because it was too dark by the time we had free time on the ferry. So I decided to wear it again on the first day back since I wasn't feeling inspired to think of what to wear anyway.

Unfortunately, this was the outfit and the pictures I was taking when my camera fell because of my unrealiable tripod, that is now semi-fixed thank to my dad :) However, I still feel paranoid every time I use and take pictures using my tripod because I don't know if it's gonna fall again but I have taken 2 outfit pictures since this and so far it stood but let's not jinx it.

Anyways, I don't know about you guys but I love this jeans. They're body fitting and they're also cheap. I got them for £15/£16 from H&M last year after Christmas Day with my Christmas money. They weren't on the sales but I found them whilst I was browsing on the quiet section where all the none sale stuff were since no one was looking at them, they were all focused on the sale items. They're a bit long so I had to tuck the ends of inside but I don't think it's obvious or changes the way it looks, it still looks great for me :)

P.S. The title is the same title from another outfit I wore last time where the colours are the US flag colours and I just thought I'd use the same title since the jeans are US-y anyway. Click here to see that outfit I wore before.


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