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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The snow was melting

(grey denim shirt - Primark, red shorts - New Look, floral boots - H&M)

Hi guys, I'm still alive contrary to my blog being dead for week or how ever long that was. I'm so sorry, I've just been juggling between work and more work and not really been taking pictures lately to post for my 366 so I'll have to post a few 366 posts in a day to catch up. I can't believe it's also 60 days into this year, it has flown by really fast.

Anyway, here's an outfit from ages ago that I wore for college. A little pop of red for a cold day.

A flood of 366 posts soon so stay tuned and advance apologies for it as well :) xx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

aztec shorts and floral boots

(aztec shorts - New Look, floral boots - H&M, jumper - New Look)

I have shown this outfit here before when I showed what I had recently bought by wearing them however, I took thos previous shots in my room so the lighting was yellow-ish and not really good and it wasn't really an outfit I planned but merely showing what I bought but I decided that it wasn't such a bad outfit so I put on some tights and my floral trustee-to-winter-season boots and off I went to college :)

Hope you like it as much as I do and have a good Wednesday :) xx

51 & 52/366 - Pancake Day

So it was Pancake Day and I'm really excited for it because it's one of the few foods that I don'tindulge myself with eating or consuming so often. I have fruit cereal for breakfast if I do have breakfast and I very very rarely have pancakes so during Pancake Day, I have an excuse to eat pancakes.

Anyway, last year's Pancake Day, I discovered a very big, flat pancake being sold in Asda and I was hoping to get some of the same stuff for this year but to my disappointment they didn't have them so I had to buy pancake mix and make my own instead. To my horror though as I have never made pancakes before and I know it's a bit bad since I've taken up catering and yet I can't even make pancakes. I still made them anyway as I wouldn't let my Pancake Day not have any pancakes at all.

And as I thought, my pancakes turned out to be weird shapes because the batter just ran in every direction like a wild child and it was pale and not even golden brown like any normal pancake should look so I didn't take a picture of it and just shared a picture of our chubby white Garfield version cat instead.

Although the pancakes I made weren't really appetising in terms of look, they were certainly still edible and quite good actually along with Nutella and sugar.Nutella does make nearly everything 100% better :)

What about you guys, did you celebrate Pancake Day? xx

Sunday, February 19, 2012

49 & 50/366

Ignore my goofy face and retarded peace sign on the first two pictures :) 

These are some pictures I found on my files today that I forgot to share here. I took these weeks ago when it was already too dark outside to take pictures so I took them half body inside instead just to see the outfit without the shoes.

Velvet and faux fur

(Leopard print faux fur coat - New Look, black velvet dress - Topshop, tights - Primark, black lace-ups - ebay)

A different texture-rich outfit I wore for college weeks ago but I only got a chance to post it now. Anyway, the coat kept me really warm for the cold day with a dress and tights on. I dressed it down with some lace-up sneakers since it was for college. 

Hope you like the outfit and have a good Sunday lovelies xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

47 & 48/366

The outfit I wore for Valentines Day, I was going to wear this outfit but then when I asked for my dad's opinion about it, he said that I looked like I was going to a wedding so I opted for this instead because of the more subtle look and also since the other dress is a bit long (long as in it reaches my knee, which I don't like, I like my dresses short but not too short). I'll be taking an outfit picture of this when I can.

My Alexander Wang cutout boots look alikes from VJ Style have arrived and I love them. My mom said they look weird but that the beauty of it, the weirdness which makes it stand out from any other typical boots. Anyway, I was so hesitant about buying these boots at first because I didn't know if I'd ever wear them until I saw Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook posting about the them (a similar style) and it just instantly made me buy them after reading the post. So expect to see an outfits with these beauties :)

Have a good Saturday beauties xx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

blue and salmon

(crop jumper - George via Asda, salmon coloured pants - New Look, boots - Matalan, detachable peter pan collar - Asos)

A simple outfit I wore for college some weeks ago. It was the first time I wore my detachable collar as well and it's actually quite tight/fit, it's like a choker necklace. I love this pants, they're so comfy because they're a little baggy and it's salmon coloured which I think is near enough to pastel.

Have a good week guys xx
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