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Thursday, February 2, 2012

31 & 32/366

snacks (mostly chocolates) by my bedside

River Island velvet shorts tag/label

Valentines items for my mother from my dad

River Island two tone denim and cotton jacket

River Island velvet shorts with lace detailing

I'm aware that the title says: 31 & 32/366 but I'm posting this on the 33rd day. Please bare with me as my 366 project is so messed up in terms of posting it at the right time and being able to take pictures right now.

I'm thinking of scheduling a post for the 366 so I actually post them on the day and not a day or two late. But that would mean most of them might just be text and I find that really boring so we'll see.

Anyway, the pictures above:
- my snacks by my bedside, although I don't consider them snacks really because I hardly touch them since starting my new years resolution of 'eat healthy/be healthy' and they're all unhealthy as most are chocolate
- the tag of my velvet River Island shorts, my other shorts from River Island has the same sort of label. It's about love conquering hate and I find it really cute that they do such things to their cloths. River Island is such a good shop, they're post is super fast too
- unfortunately, these Valentines items are not for me but are for my mother from my dad and a little item from me in there. I'am flying solo this year for Valentines Day. It will just be me, a bowl of healthy snacks (maybe carrots or oranges haha) and romantic films and my duvet :)
- my two tone jacket that I adore so much which I bought from RI from the sale last week and it arrived yesterday. I just love how it's two tone, it'd be my 2nd two tone jacket, the other one is also from RI and is the burgundy/leather baseball jacket I'm wearing here. I just love how it flaps on the chest part. I've been looking for a leather jacket that flaps like this but I can't find one anywhere (so if you know where I could get them, please let me know) so I got these ones for now and I love them
- velvet RI shorts. If you follow me on my twitter then you'd probably know that I mentioned a while back how I wanted to own more velvet in my wardrobe and since this item was on sale and I just can't get over the lace detail, I bought it along with the jacket. And although I must be honest with you, it sort of reminds me of boxing shorts, the lace detail allows it to be girly and not head towards that resemblance.

This is a very long 366 post, so sorry for that.

Ta-ta for now lovelies. I'll try and show you an outfit with the new shorts and jacket if I could tomorrow (fingers crossed) xx

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