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Saturday, February 4, 2012

35/366 SNOW





So it seems like the weather forecast was right for the first time since it was always wrong last year.

Today we got our 2nd snow here in England or in my area where I live anyway. The first time was last year before Christmas but it didn't stick since it rained before that and it only snowed for an hour I think. But today the snow started at around 12pm and is still going.

It really looks beautiful and at first when I tried taking pictures of it, it was really hard since it looked like they were spec of dusts on my lenses but they got bigger and bigger and so it made it possible to capture.

I also did an hour shoot of one outfit in the freezing cold without any coat/gloves/hat/tights/socks on and I must say I braved it and it was actually not that bad until it was nearing to an hour outside. There's a preview of the outfit up there and I'll show the actual outfit in a post nearer to Valentines Day since it's sort of Valentines-ey.

Happy Saturday lovelies. Is there snow in the part of the world where you live? xx


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  2. Thanks for visting my blog!

    Love your ombre hair.

    And I give you credits for taking picture in the snow bare-legged.



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