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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

36 & 37/366



Yesterday afternoon and night time and this morning was very misty that as if it was like a horror movie scene in a forest outside where the field is behind our house. At first, you could see glimpses of people still walking and being out and about until suddenly, 10 minutes later you can hardly see anything. Good thing the sun shone this morning and the mist vanished earlier today.

The chocolate sponge cake with chocolate sauce is what we got asked to make in college today and if you follow me on my Twitter, then you'd know how much I love chocolate. I ramble about it nearly everyday and I just was so excited when we got to make this and they tasted good too, not just according to me but some other students as well :) I added the bananas, some chocolate sprinkles and the icing sugar for presentation just for these pictures, haha (I know right, a bit sad)

The chicken salad is what I had for lunch and dinner and it's really healthy and nice. If, like me, one of your new years resolution is to eat healthy then have this. It's very easy to make all you need is:
chicken breasts, salad of your choice, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing, croutons, salt and pepper. Cook the chciken until its brown, add salt and pepper to it then plate your salad, add cucumber and tomatoes and croutons and your dressing then place chicken on top. Voila, 10 minutes to prepare :)


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