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Saturday, February 18, 2012

47 & 48/366

The outfit I wore for Valentines Day, I was going to wear this outfit but then when I asked for my dad's opinion about it, he said that I looked like I was going to a wedding so I opted for this instead because of the more subtle look and also since the other dress is a bit long (long as in it reaches my knee, which I don't like, I like my dresses short but not too short). I'll be taking an outfit picture of this when I can.

My Alexander Wang cutout boots look alikes from VJ Style have arrived and I love them. My mom said they look weird but that the beauty of it, the weirdness which makes it stand out from any other typical boots. Anyway, I was so hesitant about buying these boots at first because I didn't know if I'd ever wear them until I saw Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook posting about the them (a similar style) and it just instantly made me buy them after reading the post. So expect to see an outfits with these beauties :)

Have a good Saturday beauties xx


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