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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

51 & 52/366 - Pancake Day

So it was Pancake Day and I'm really excited for it because it's one of the few foods that I don'tindulge myself with eating or consuming so often. I have fruit cereal for breakfast if I do have breakfast and I very very rarely have pancakes so during Pancake Day, I have an excuse to eat pancakes.

Anyway, last year's Pancake Day, I discovered a very big, flat pancake being sold in Asda and I was hoping to get some of the same stuff for this year but to my disappointment they didn't have them so I had to buy pancake mix and make my own instead. To my horror though as I have never made pancakes before and I know it's a bit bad since I've taken up catering and yet I can't even make pancakes. I still made them anyway as I wouldn't let my Pancake Day not have any pancakes at all.

And as I thought, my pancakes turned out to be weird shapes because the batter just ran in every direction like a wild child and it was pale and not even golden brown like any normal pancake should look so I didn't take a picture of it and just shared a picture of our chubby white Garfield version cat instead.

Although the pancakes I made weren't really appetising in terms of look, they were certainly still edible and quite good actually along with Nutella and sugar.Nutella does make nearly everything 100% better :)

What about you guys, did you celebrate Pancake Day? xx

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