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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An angel sent from heaven

(white lace dress - H&M, red heels - Bank, belt - carboot, lipstick - MUA)

Yesterday I showed you an all black outfit for one of my Valentines Outfits and today I'm showing you the opposite - all white.

First of all sorry for the overly whiteness of this photos like as if I myself is the same colour as the snow but behold because I have better photos of this outfit where you could actually see my skin and the lace detail of the dress and I will post those pictures later on.

I just wanted to show you these pictures because for most white/pale skinned girls, they want to have tan skin so they go to tanning salons or use fake tan. I've always and will always love my tan skin but I've never really imagined what I would look like with really pale white skin so when I saw how the camera lighting resulted to my skin turning white, I kinda liked it and enjoyed looking through it that I thought I'd share with you how I would look like if that happened.

I will show you better photos of this outfit on a latter post but for now here are some really bright ones xx


  1. J'adore les sandales, les photos sont très belles dans la neige ! :)

  2. you must be so cold wearing that outfit in the snow haha! so gorgeous though, love those shoes! X X

  3. it wasn't actually cold, surprisingly it was just chilly, maybe cos I got used to it after a while :)

  4. Really beautiful! Lovely shoes as well and I love the combination of red and white :) Maybe you were so frozen that you didn't even recognize it anymore :D I'm freezing now just from looking at these pictures.




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