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Sunday, February 12, 2012

41 & 42/366 Shoe Fetish

(images via Tumblr)

I'm currently on a shoe fetish/lust. As the teenager that I am, I spend most of my time on my laptop browsing websites and one of them is Tumblr (follow me here) where I get most of my inspiration not only fashion wise but pictures and words of wisdom. And today I just came across loads of pictures of awesome shoes and came across a fashion blogger who shared an online website site where I found the coolest, wickedest, sickest, most amazing, drooling shoes, click here for the site. If I could only turn the pctures into the real thing then I would be the happiest girl. I'm currently saving up for Vans but these shoes are definitely on my long list of 'If-I-could-ever-save-up-for-thes-then-buy-it List' 

For now atleast I've ticked one pair from that list in my brain and it's these Alexander Wang look alikes that you can check out on my post here and the real thing on Andy's Style Scrapbook post 'Investment Shoes'. I actually did not know that they were Alexander Wang look alikes when I posted my post and I was actually having second thoughts about buying it but after seeing Andy's post I decided I'm definitely buying them. Not only because they look like a designer shoe but also because they look like what a famous fashion blogger owns which is great in blogging I think.


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