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Thursday, February 2, 2012

33/366 - Ooops

this is what happens when someone asks me to linger in town (not just a town, but a town full of shops)

Paris bed sheet my mother bought me (Primark) - I miss Paris :(

Valentines, Mother's Day and Sister Happy Birthday cards (Card Factory)

polka dot shorts (contrary to the picture making them look like as if it's a skirt) (Influence)

brown cable knit jumper (New Look) - Im pretty sure this jumper is a similar one as my grey one

pink lace top (New Look) - I will always love lace

print dress (Influence) - prints are in trend this upcoming season according to the inspiration pictures posted by the people I follow that indeed inspired me to buy a print garment

red varsity 'M' jacket (Primark) - gotta love varsity jackets especially when your name initial is on them :)

ruffled lace skirt (Miss X) - bought this due to this picture
I'm so ready for Spring and to wear this outfit :)

red JC peep to lita look alikes (Bank) - I doubt I'll be wearing these anytime soon since I hardly go out plus I don't attend parties/occasions as much. Maybe they'll just be for photos sake and also to look at and pretend they're actual Jeffrey Campbells :)

grey two tone brogues (Varanni)

floral brogues (Dorothy Perkins) - these prints reminded me of the Doc Martens boots print and because I love those so much but couldn't afford it just yet, I had to go for this flat girls for now

studded bracelet & white stone ring (Accesorize)

As you would have known from some of my previous posts, I mentioned about my new years resolution of 'spend money wisely' or 'shop less' and I have been attempting this resolution since the beginning of the year. However, just a few days ago I nipped in Accesorize and got a bag that I showed you here from the sale and also got some shorts and a jumper the following day also from the sale (except the shorts) and I convinced myself that I did spend my money wisely on these items since I needed them (I just told myself I needed some aztec in my bottomwear to convince myself that I needed those shorts :D, haha)

Anyway, I thought after that I should fight any urge to shop again however, soon after, I bought the jewellery above from Accesorize as they were on sale and I wanted them, which meant failing to comply with the resolution. And days after that when I thought the mini shopping sprees would've gone past already, I was wrong.

Today I ended up buying these items except the bed sheets my mother paid for and the accesories from last week. I blame my dad for this for making my stay in town hours after I have finished college which in turn made me go around shops that I have been trying to avoid to pass time.

Soon enough though I will be able to convince myself that these buys are worth breaking my resolution for or at least I hope so.


  1. Woah, that´s what I call shopping, nice picks :)

  2. Quite a bit of retail therapy! Love the lace top from New Look :)


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