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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Outfit #1 - Pink Snow

(pink lace dress - Topshop, black wedges - Varanni, heart earrings - vintage shop, belt - carboot)

A lot of people would build a snowman, have a snow ball fight or sledge/ski when there's snow around but for me a photoshoot.

I didn't let heavy snow and freezing cold weather stop me yesterday from shooting my 'Valentines Outfits' post and actually it motivated me even more to wear this dress and stand outside amongst all the snow so that the outfit stands out. The weather was actually not even that bad, I didn't start to feel cold until it was nearing to an hour that I was outside.

To the outfit, this outfit is one of the outfits/dresses I wanted to show you guys. I planned on making a 'Valentines Oufits' post over a period of time before Valentines Day showing you different outfits you can wear for Valentines since I don't have a valentine this year I thought I'd just waste my time and my Valentines Day doing this post. So this is the first outfit.

A pink dress which is very girly and sweet and valentines-ey, worn with black wedges but can be worn with black heels and also tights of course :) To make it less girly you can also wear a leather jacket and/or black boots to make it rock-ish as well as being girly. No accesories for me except the earrings so that all the emphasis is on the dress.

Today I'll shoot the 3rd outfit since I've done the 2nd one and I'll show you that outfit later on.

Happy Sunday lovelies xx

P.S. Sorry for the overload of pictures and of my face. I loved every picture and I found it hard to choose between them so I just had to include most of them.


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the earrings <3

  2. pretty! xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from the leather satchel co. if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. The dress is beautiful! Love your shoes :) You have a pretty face! Thanks for sharing!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale

  4. Lovely dress :) and I like the heart earrings!!

    cheers from manila,


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