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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mint green

(mint green dress - River Island, black wedges - Varanni)

Pastel colours are this seasons colour and so once I saw this turquoise/minty green dress in River Island, I just had to buy it along with this pastel pink dress that I got at the same time when I bought this dress. Anyway I was deciding whether to wear this for St. Patrick's Day or not and I ended up opting for this outfit as it's more green than this one.

Anyway, I've yet to find an eventor occasion where I could wear this outfit as I've still not worn it for anything besides to take these pictures and show you. Someone just needs to have a party or invite me for a meal or a date :) haha

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

73 & 74/366


Forgot what I did during these days. I was probably too preoccupied with the excitement of the Hunger Games to know what I did during these two days, either way I'm pretty sure they weren't exciting anyways.

Monday, March 26, 2012

print season & 75/366

(print dress w/ belt - Miss X, shoes - Primark)

Wore this outfit for college on one of the warmer days we've been getting lately. I fell in love with the print when I saw it plus it came with the belt so that was a plus. This S/S season, prints, pastels and colours are so on trend that I'm so glad to have this dress to wear these warmer days that are about to come without tights and maybe with flats shoes.

P.S. I was attempting to make my dress swirl in a flattering way thus the stupid jumping shots that ended up looking like I was dancing samba or whatever, haha.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What colour should my hair be today?

Few more pictures after my bestfriend used all of my coloured hairsprays on my hair. See other related posts here and here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Just a few pictures from my last trip in town with my bestfriend. I showed you a few pictures before I left here in this post.

Anyway, we went browsing in some shops for my dress for my masquerade ball but in the end I ended up relying online still and made a compilation of dresses that I'm looking at (check this post, you can still give me your opinion).

We also went to Bagel Nash since I haven't been there and ate there in a long long LONG time. Then I tried on some items from New Look. I fell in love with the dress at first sight because of how perfect it is for this season and my style since I love dresses and the two tone pastel colours are in this season plus the shorts too. They've been  around in the blogosphere as long as I know from Lua P. to Willabelle and many many more of them that I can't remember anymore 'cause there's that many of them. Anyway, I'm hoping these twon items are still available when I get some money and get them.

We then headed our way back home and whilst waiting for the bus, my bestfriend tried my coloured hairsprays on my hair and you could just about see it on the pictures. Then we took loads of funny pictures on the bus but I'm only putting two pictures because most of them are so silly and stupid :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

denim and flower


(denim shirt - Primark, floral skirt - Primark, top - unknown, brogue shoes - Varanni, belt - River Island)

So here's a Spring-ish outfit, I say Spring-ish because I'm still wearing tights. I could've chosen not to wear tights but because I wore this for college, I thought I'd wear a pair since I don't really like flaunting bare legs in college.

I don't know if you notice here but I also made my hair more ginger-esque with the Superdrug orange and yellow hairspray I got. Maybe it's not too noticeable since that part of my hair is already ginger, oh well :)

Hope you like the outfit, more Spring outfits coming soon. Argh, I can't wait until it's Summer and bare legs can be flaunted here again :) Sorry if that sounded weird, haha.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Showed you this outfit in this outfit post here. It's what I wore for college that day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

(green button-up blouse - Next, floral skirt - from mother unknown, shoes - Varanni, necklace - carboot, earrings - Primark)

I know I don't live in Ireland and I'm certainly no Irish or have any Irish blood in me or my family but I just love dressing up for things and you'd know because of my Valentine's Outfit series post that I did a month ago. 

I may not really have worn this for anything except to shoot this outfit post and because it's St. Patricks Day and I wanted to wear something green. I was actually battling whether to wear this or this greeny/turquoise dress. So instead I shot both outfits and the dress actually turned out more minty so it wouldn't have passed as St. Patrick's green so instead I'm using this. 

Whilst I was looking through my wardrobe for something to wear for this day, I saw this and forgot I had it and as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of pairing it with this skirt. Floral print and skirt are in this spring/summer so it's a good way to start it off that way although it was actually starting to rain when I started taking pictures, that's English weather for you I guess.

I wore my gold key necklace I got from carboot ages ago which I don't wear a lot anymore actually, and also wore my long earring because I had my hair on the side so I knew it would show. I actually wished I had a gold choker necklace and gold double cuffs even though when I started seeing the trend I didn't really pay attention to it until now when I imagined how much the outfit would've looked much better if it had more gold accents with it, maybe next time.

I'm planning to wear this to watch 'The Hunger Games' so that at least I can say that I wore it for something other than to take pictures. What do say? Would it be to dressy to wear to watch a movie? But maybe I could dress it down with flats/boots and tights. Oh and small earrings too?

Have a lovely Saturday anyways and I hope you're all having a fantastic St. Patrick's Day :)
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