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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

69 & 70/366

(dress - River Island, belt - carboot, pink coloured hairspray - Superdrug)

Last Saturday, I was reading through blog posts that needed reading as I have been lagging behind (I had over 300+ blog posts to read :O), when I came across Madeline's blog and saw a post of her with her hair as green and it made me want to do something with my hair, preferably something green to. Then I remembered that Superdrug still sell these coloured hairsprays, which I've used before to try for my prom hair trial, so I thought I'd get some more colours when I go out.

Then the next day, me and my bestfriend decided to go to town and as I was using my hairspray, I saw that I had some of the pink hairspray left from doing that trial, and although it appeared to be purple in that trial, it was actually pink, it turned purple due to my hair being black. Anyway I used all the hairspray up this time and this time around it turned out pink because of the lighter hair colour of my dip dyed ends. 

I also got some more colours when we went to town. I've got red, blue, orange and yellow and I'm planning to get green for St. Patrick's Day if I could and maybe more pink for the end of year ball with college. 

Do you like me with pink dip dye? xx

P.S. The last picture was after my bestfriend decided to try all of my hairsprays to my hair and I think it looks pretty rad although I won't really wear it like that everyday, good thing they wash off :)

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