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Monday, March 19, 2012

denim and flower


(denim shirt - Primark, floral skirt - Primark, top - unknown, brogue shoes - Varanni, belt - River Island)

So here's a Spring-ish outfit, I say Spring-ish because I'm still wearing tights. I could've chosen not to wear tights but because I wore this for college, I thought I'd wear a pair since I don't really like flaunting bare legs in college.

I don't know if you notice here but I also made my hair more ginger-esque with the Superdrug orange and yellow hairspray I got. Maybe it's not too noticeable since that part of my hair is already ginger, oh well :)

Hope you like the outfit, more Spring outfits coming soon. Argh, I can't wait until it's Summer and bare legs can be flaunted here again :) Sorry if that sounded weird, haha.

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