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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Just a few pictures from my last trip in town with my bestfriend. I showed you a few pictures before I left here in this post.

Anyway, we went browsing in some shops for my dress for my masquerade ball but in the end I ended up relying online still and made a compilation of dresses that I'm looking at (check this post, you can still give me your opinion).

We also went to Bagel Nash since I haven't been there and ate there in a long long LONG time. Then I tried on some items from New Look. I fell in love with the dress at first sight because of how perfect it is for this season and my style since I love dresses and the two tone pastel colours are in this season plus the shorts too. They've been  around in the blogosphere as long as I know from Lua P. to Willabelle and many many more of them that I can't remember anymore 'cause there's that many of them. Anyway, I'm hoping these twon items are still available when I get some money and get them.

We then headed our way back home and whilst waiting for the bus, my bestfriend tried my coloured hairsprays on my hair and you could just about see it on the pictures. Then we took loads of funny pictures on the bus but I'm only putting two pictures because most of them are so silly and stupid :)


  1. Love that dress! The colours are so pretty! Cute pictures too xx

  2. You're so pretty, lovely dress <3


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