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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Masquerade Ball dress

I love the collar, colour, pleats and lace detail of this dress.

The price is pretty good on this dress (£30 from £75) and I love how it puffs out from the waist down.
I love the deep V chest line and the floral detail but I don't like the colour :(
I love the strapless/tube upper part of the dress but not a big fan of the bottom half.
Love the puffiness of the bottom half but not a big fan of the print.
The dress' back is like the one aboves and I love the lace and floral print but not too keen on the colour.
Really love the puffiness of the bottom half and the deep back cut but not too keen on the print.
The dress has a closed back and I love both colours and the puffiness of the skirt but somehow I like the thought of showing a bit of back which this dress doesn't support.
My favourite one at the moment because of the slight puffiness of the bottom half, the back cut and the ribbon detail and colour. For me it's just perfect.
I love this dress for the colour and the puffiness of the skirt bit and the lace detail/floral print of the upper half but I'm not too keen on the sleeves.
Love the contrast between the textures and the colour: black and nude and lace and leather. But there's no oophmness in the dress :(

(Top image via Topshop, other images via Jones and Jones, bottom image via Asos)

My college is hosting a Masquerade Ball at the end of the year for the Awards Evening of the students and the dress code is 'smart/formal' and from what the past students have said about last year's awards evening, most of the girls just wear dresses like in prom. And some of the girls decided to wear their prom dress again but I on the other hand would dread to wear it again (click here to see my prom dress/day). 

I mean my prom dress isn't even that bad but it's very bulky with all the layers of lace and it's black which doesn't help because my hair is already black, but you might say: 'Well why don't you dye your hair?' I don't really like to dye the whole of my hair thus having only dip dye it so that couldn't be an option. So what's my other option then...well of course to get a new dress.

For my high school prom, I wanted to wear a light coloured dress because of my hair being black and wanting to stand out and also because I have olive skin so I was told I would look better in a light coloured dress but unfortunately I was sent the wrong colour and I didn't have enough time to return it and have it changed so this time I decided that I would make things right and wear something I'm really happy and confident about.

Above are my top choices for possible dresses for this ball. I want to wear a light coloured dress (white/light pink) but maybe I could make an exception if I really really like the dress. And also I want the dress to be a bit puffy/going out from the waist down. I also want it to be short. I saw a long dress yesterday and tried it on and it looked really lovely but it was too big and since I'm not that tall anyway, I guess I'd prefer to wear a short dress and expose my legs instead. I'll try and show you a picture of me with the long dress later on to see what you think of me in a long dress?

So basically, moving on from all my rambling, I wanted to ask for your help. I wanted to see which one you all think would suit me the best out of all these dresses. My favourite one is the white one with the ribbon at the back and weird cut at the back, every detail is just lovely and it meets every criteria I want. But then again all others have something I like, if I could only merge all the things I like off this dresses to one super amazing dress, then my life would be so much easier and better.

So please share with me your opinions and thoughts and it would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

P.S. Sorry for rambling.

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