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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April means Spring

(orange floral top - Primark, shorts w/ belt - New Look, tan brogues - New Look)

Yet again, I've ignored this dear blog and the only reasons I can think of are: I've been reuniting with the gym after many failed attempts since January to keep a constant gym routine, Aprl showers that won't let me take outfit pictures, and finally a 5 dish exam that I need to prepare for.

So really sorry for being a dead silent blogger but here's a picture overload of an outfit post taken when April showers were still far far away and the sun was shined (I miss it so much, having to wear tights again is so annoying).

Anyway, this is what I wore for college before an sprayed pink and blue hairspray to on my hair that made it purple. 

More soon with also a post of my latest buys so stay tuned xx

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi there guys, I just thought I'd update after weeks of being dead to this blog. I blame myself for not having anything to blog about. I had 2 weeks of college but did pretty much nothing but stay at home so I had nothing to talk about or take outfit pictures of. 

Oh on the 2nd week of half term, I did work for the Grand National and got to watch the last race live. It was really good although sad because of the horses. 

Anyway, here are some random pictures my bestfriend took of me weeks ago when we were out shopping and I was trying to look for some heels for my end of college year awards evening. I got my dress but I still can't decide what shoes to buy so I will ask for you help later on when I've taken pictures of it :)

Have a lovely Saturday lovelies xx

Friday, April 6, 2012

red tips and vanity

On my previous post, I showed you the whole outfit for this day, see here. And I know that I'm as vain as can be so I decided to take further pictures with just the top half of me to get a better look at my hair like when I did before with this

This time around, I used red coloured hairspray to use at the tips of my hair and it's actually easier than the last time I used these hairsprays because of my bleached ombre hair unlike my completely black hair before.

P.S. I've decided to give up doing my 366 diary posts as I can barely keep up with my outfit posts and the blog in general without having to worry about keeping a daily diary as well and taking pictures everyday for the post. I will still try do some 366 posts just not of everyday as my everyday life isn't exciting anyways so some days would be skipped.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

print on print

(heart print sleveless top - New Look, aztec print shorts w/ belt - New Look, yellow loafers - Topshop, feather earring - Belgium Christmas market, brown leather bracelet - New Look, orange studded bracelet - Accesorize, purple bead bracelet - from bestfriend, aztec print bracelet - Primark)

So I am aware that I have been completely and utterly neglecting this blog and haven't posted in ages. I blame my mother and myself. My mother for giving me loads of work to do and myself for having to to do them because I am yet again broke. So apologies as I have not been updating as much but it's half term now so I will be trying to do more posts and outfit pictures.

Anyway here's an outfit I wore to a supposedly trip to the park on a sunny Sunday which turned out to be utter crappery as everyone decided to stay in doors and cancel so I ended up going to a friends house which wasn't so bad anyway.

For this outfit,  I wore my feather earring I got from Belgium Christmas market last year and it's actually the first time I wore it and after that, I just couldn't stop and now I'm trying to wear it in every outfit since it's also the trend at the moment.

Well that's it now anyways, I'm blogging here at 12.33am and my eyes are about to drop dead so I'll speak again soon xx
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