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Sunday, May 13, 2012

denim and lace

(denim shirt - Primark, lace shorts - Internacionale, gold choker necklace - H&M, black wedges - Varanni, bracelets - Primark)

A clash of texture outfit I wore for college a few days ago minus the heels and some tights because it was the usual English bipolar weather, sunny one minute and windy and rainy the next.

I just can't wait for summer when it's sunny everyday and we won't have to worry about tights and jackets. Come summer, you are very much welcome here.

Hope you're having a good Sunday xx


  1. gorgeous outfit, i really love the shorts- i've been looking for some lace ones everywhere! Love the heels too! xo


  2. thank you for the lovely comment! I love this outfit, the denim shirt and lace shorts look lovely together :) x

  3. Beautiful shorts and wedges. I take a look at your blog, and I have to say that you have a really interesting and unique style :)

  4. Love your dip dye hair :) wish I had the courage do something adventurous like this to mine! X x x

  5. oh my goodness, i love your blog and sense of style!!!!!!
    absolutely lovely look, your hair is so beautiful dear!!
    following you!

  6. I love your shorts and your legs are killer! <3

  7. Denim and lace... go so well together! I just adore your outfit, you look so pretty! And your hair is perfect as well. :D Following you. :*

  8. Your shorts and shoes are cute!!

  9. thanks for your visit! lovely outfit and hair!
    Sweet Dream


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