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Thursday, May 17, 2012

monochrome prt.1

(white button down with black strips - H&M, black shorts (gifted) - H&M, boots - wholesale-dress.net, earrings - Primark, gold choker  - H&M)

Going all monochrome to wear my new boots that  got the same day I wore them. I find that I tend to wear my new garments straight away which makes it impossible to return them because I've ripped of their tags but I just can't wait to wear new items and wear them like how I imagined it in my head.

Anyways, I got the boots from wholesale, I wanted a Miey Cyrus-esque boots like in this photo and also this one but I have not yet seen one that's near the lace-up ones but found these ones that are quite close to what Miley owns but darker and more wellies looking but still awesome. 

I can't wait to wear it this summer with shorts and not tights like how she wears her boots as well. For this outfit, I also tried to replicate Kim Kardashian's ponytail here and here. it turned out good but not as smooth as Kim's and I also need to find a ponytail chain since they look so cool. 

What about you guys, who are your fashion icons/inspirations if you have any? xx


  1. Cute top!

    xo Ashleigh


  2. Love everything about this outfit! And your hair looks really nice in a ponytail like that :) xx

  3. I LOVE that button down shirt! Simple and chic.

    Just became a follower xo

  4. Love your skirt :) Your hair is lovely too!


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