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Monday, May 28, 2012

troisième fois à Paris


So now I can finally tell you where my mini holiday with my family and my sister's boyfriend is and it is non other than one of my favourite cities in the world -- Paris.

I couldn't tell you at first where it was going to be as me and my mum decided to prank my sister and her boyfriend by telling them we're going to Ireland and as my sister sometimes goes and reads this blog I couldn't chance it but they figured out we were playing them and guessed that we're going to Paris in the end so now here we are.

Anyways, at this time of moment I am blogging from our hotel in Paris at 1 am and just arrived 3 hours ago. Going off to bed now and shall blog some more tomorrow if I can.

Have a great weekday guys xx

P.S. The title is 'Third time in Paris' in French. See our first time and second time in Paris here.


  1. I love your hair here. So dark and curly! <3

  2. I wish I could go to Paris :)

    Ericka of http://behappyblue.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

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  4. nice looks and scenery is beautiful :)

  5. You look amazing!
    Beautiful photos!

  6. Paris is such a lovely city! Hope you have a brilliant time, gorgeous photos!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. Beautiful dress you're wearing <3 Really lovely photos.. I've been to Paris once, but it was many years ago and with a small group from school.. I will definitely visit again with someone I love ;)

    Thank you so much for the comment! I hope you stop by again sometime. I really like your blog and would like to stay in touch, if you want! So I'm following :)

    Indie by heart

  8. love all the colors in your dress! i looks really cute on you :)


  9. Ohhh nice picks!!


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