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Sunday, May 13, 2012

webcam toy

I've kind of grown to this tradition of taking a picture of my Ben & Jerry's ice cream every time I have one. (Pardon my endorsement-like hand pose)
red velvet with glittery things skirt that I just recieved this Saturday and I've yet to wear
Masquerade Ball dress that I am wearing around the house and trying to break in and get use to before the Ball
'The Girl On Fire' haha
Trying out 'Webcam Toy' effects and being vain as usual
Recieved my creepers this week and wore them as soon as. Need to take outfit pictures still.
My Miley-esque boots that I also got this week and wore them straight away 2 days in a row. Outfit pictures soon.
Unfortunately I'm not fortunate enough like most bloggers and probably most people to have an Iphone or an Android so I can't download Instagram. I own a Blackberry and I suppose even if Instagram manages to expand their platform to Blackberry's I guess it wouldn't do much seeing as the cameras in them aren't that good anyways.

So recently, my phone being already crap became even crappier when it decided to not let me send mobile pictures to my Twitter so instead I decided to use my laptop camera. I went on goolge to look for a Webcam thing and found 'Webcam Toy' and explored effects and I fell in love with the 'hazy effect' so I think I'll be using that to take little snippets here and there and post them here if they're interesting enough.

Anyway, above are the pictures I took these past few days with my laptop webcam with 'Webcam Toy' :) 
I thought I'd be a nice change of the normal posts so I hope you guys like it :) xx



  1. i always always love creepers!! even if i only own two so far. i want those red ones! <3 HIMandHER

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