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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

soft texture

(white button down - H&M, scallop shorts - New Look, sneakers - ebay, scarf (worn as hair accesory) - carboot)

Soft textures for one of the few hot, sunny and sweaty days here in the UK and even then I was still sweating. 
This outfit was so hard to keep in tact as my top just kept coming out of my shorts even though I had a double belt, one that came with the shorts and another to just hold it in extra but they both just kept sliding up. 
I suppose it was fine at the end of the day as I only wore it to watch Ice Age 4 (which was amazing and really funny btw, definitely recommend it even though you've not seen the other Ice Age films like me or even if you're an adult).

P.S. I got the job at River Island and I will be starting this weekend :) I got the call just as the film started and had to run out of the cinema haha but it was an exciting run :) I'll let you all know how it goes and also thank you to everyone who wished me luck and for your lovely comments :)

Have a good week :) xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

girly and feminine

(floral skirt - River Island, top - Primark, wedges - Varanni, nail polish - Rimmel)

I'm finally back to taking outfit pictures since I got a new 50mm lens so here an outfit post.

I got this skirt from RI summer sale with my voucher from college and wore this outfit for my bestfriends birthday meal and also for a job interview minus the heels and top since it's see through. I changed the top to a more un-see through one (duh!) haha.

You might be thinking why the hell would I wear this to an interview though? Hold your thoughts as it's for a fashion store and guess where it is? ---- River Island of course, so I wore the skirt. 

The interview went well, now I am just waiting to hear from them on whether I got a place or not, hopefully I did *cross fingers*

Have a good week anyways xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Presentation Day

(dress - Jones and Jones, red heels - Bank)

Here are a couple of full body shots of my presentation dress with the shoes I chose. Originally, I was opting for black heels which I bought originally for this event but majority of the people I asked for shoe opinion said this suited better and so I decided on this on.

I will try and take detail pictures of the dress and also the hair chain I wore for this event when I can re-create this outfit again.

Hope you have a good Tuesday :) xx

P.S. Excuse the bad quality of the pictures as I still had no 50mm during the time but I shall have better quality ones for my next post :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pre-Awards Preparation

(dress - Jones Jones, cross earrings - Dorothy Perkins)

Sorry for slacking so much this week with the blog, there has just been so much going on like parties after parties and then movie dates with friends and adventure walks. Been absolutely socialising with college friends since we left a week ago and now we have nothing to do but stay at home and be bored so we decided to do random stuff like go to town for no reason and go on adventure walks and get all muddy (which is fun actually).

Anyway, I should be back from normal blogging soon but probably not of outfits yet since my camera lens finally gave up on me after my mother dropped it, broke it but she was able to fix it, I then used it for France and then on the last day it finally gave up. So I am still on the hunt for a replacement. So for the mean time I shall show you pictures of what has been happening and maybe inspiration posts.

This was the dress I wore for my college awards evening. If you remember me asking on a different post ages ago for opinions on what I should wear, well I ended up with this one still (my first choice). I shall show you a proper picture of the details of the dress when I get a new lens.

Have a good week guys xx
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