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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

my absence

(band tee - carboot, skater skirt - River Island, flatform sneakers - River Island, earrings - Topshop, necklace - rikyandnina.com)

Hello! A post to say I am still alive and functioning despite ages of not having updated or posted here and here are the reasons: 1) went to Egypt for a week for holiday where I thought I could access the internet still with the hotel wifi but it was too slow 2) college started for this year 3) got a new job at a cafe and I have been working more and more to pay off a holiday with friends for next year :) 4) just recently started watching 'White Collar' because of Matt Bomer and so my eyes are set on that 5) started reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' after I got hooked to it whilst reading it in the plane on the way home from Egypt and I just keep on reading and currently I'm still just on the 2nd book

So there you go, 5 reasons why I haven't blogged for god knows how long but I shall put more effort in and I will also share some pictures from my Egypt holiday with you all so stay tuned :) Also got a few more outfit posts that I shot before Egypt and so I shall show those to you after the holiday pictures because it would be pretty hard to take outfit pictures now that it's Autumn and the time is about to go back and the days are about to get darker (the thought makes me sad and depressed but I shall cozy up to a cup of tea and a good book instead :D)

I hope you all had a good summer and we shall look forward to this years Halloween and Christmas and ooh also I'm 18 in less than a month :) woo!
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