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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Photo Diary

This year has really been a whirlwind of events, 1st times, ups and downs and so much more. This year I tried a lot of new things and fortunately they are things that I am willing to do or places I want to visit again. This year I travelled quite a few times, Paris for New Years and Spring and Egypt for Summer and it has given me so much joy to be in these places that I've always wanted to visit and experience. This year I turned 18 and kept enjoying my youth and my teenage life so much more than I planned.

There have been ups and downs to the year but then again, what year doesn't. People we're lost, new ones we're born...it's life. I've had my regrets and my 'I wish I did that', 'I wish I didn't do that', 'I wish I said that' moments but time isn't going back for anyone and there's only the future to look forward to now.

This year has certainly been a very quick year and if I'm being honest, this hasn't been the best year but there were certainly best days, best weeks and best moments and here's just to hoping next year will just be better and bring more joy, experiences, opportunities and lessons to life.

As the year ends, here's a  massive photo diary that recaps the highlights of my year. WARNING: by massive, I mean MASSIVE so scroll on at your own risk :)

I hope you have a fab New Years Eve tomorrow and all the best for 2013 lovelies :) xo

Egypt 2012

1st time quad biking/Egypt 2012

went clubbing with the parents (photo taken by my dad as I was dancing the night away)

hair spraying hair with coloured hair sprays 

Halloween <3

parties with college friends

got picked up from college in this on my 18th 

18th birthday cake

Cairo 2012 <3

18th birthday

bread making in Egypt

trying a Marilyn-esque pose in Paris

the blue hole 

New Year in Paris

Notre Dame on New Years Day

New Years Eve

First snow of 2012

loving life in Egypt

shisha smoking

camel rides by the beach

Valentines Day

experiments on the hair

the outfit I was taking when my camera fell/St. Patrick's Day

another take on outfit poses

French light house

In the Eiffel Tower

new laptop

the French beach 

college's awards day

student of the year with 2 other friends

spring <3

River Nile

Louvre <3

Pyramids <3

the beach <3

growing collection

cocktails <3

tried snails in France

Paris view from Eiffel Tower

The Catacombs <3


hat madness



Christmas time

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