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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

short lived

(hat - Internacionale, dress - Primark, coat - Topshop, tights - Primark, boots - Primark)

Hello! I know I've been lagging around with blog posts this week, I've just been too caught up with working for my mum and doing Insanity and cooking meals (if you follow me on Instagram then you will know this haha) since it's part of my new years resolutions to cook more.

Anyway, these were taken a few days ago when it snowed so heavy then suddenly it all disappeared as the rain washed it away. At least I got my snow pictures for this year anyways.

The coat is a super bargain, I went into Topshop not intending to buy anything since another NY resolution is not to spend so much money and save for holidays instead. So I was just merely looking at what they have when I suddenly saw this coat on the sale rack and when I looked at the tag it said £20 from £75 and with my student discount I even got it to a lower £18, it's so amazing! My every intention of getting a parka for this winter disappeared as soon as I saw this coat's tag and tried it on.

Enough about my coat, how are you all doing?xo

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

preppy pink

(hat - H&M, shirt - H&M, velvet dress - Topshop, shoes - boohoo, lipstick - Topshop)

A different backdrop to the usual for this post because there was snow all over the garden and the lighting was making it weird and I really don't know how to set it up since I'm no photographer, I just know the basics from being taught by my sister (..if you're reading this then HEY! you should have so taught me all of the ins and outs haha)
Anyway I think the pictures are quite all right in front of a white background, making the pink pop and the black stand out.

I don't know what possessed me to wear bright pink shoes when I wore this outfit...maybe I wanted to be able to see my feet when I'm walking in the snow..yeah let's go with that.

So I was wondering, would you guys like a room tour since I organised my room for this new year a few weeks ago and I wanted to venture out of outfit posts (don't get me wrong I love outfit posts, just wanted to do other posts as well) so I thought maybe a room tour? Let me know if you'd like that :)

Have a lovely Tuesday lovelies xo

Thursday, January 17, 2013

the dupes

(leather jacket - Primark, top with necklace - River Island, floral tapestry skirt - River Island, cut-out boots - Jessica Buurman) 

Hello lovelies, I wore this outfit for work a week ago and first time I wore my cut-out boots. The cut-out boots are all over the blogosphere especially when icons like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Rumi Neely kept wearing them, of course the trend setters set the trend then.

The Balenciaga dupes are so chic and bad ass and I just had to have one after I kept seeing Rumi Neely wear them on so many different outfits. 
But of course I couldn't afford the real thing so I went on a search for the nearest dupe look alikes and saw one in Topshop, that sold out when I eventually got the money :( then there was Choies and Jessica Buurman. 

The Choies one is the one more bloggers have since it has gold detailing but I prefer these ones by JB since I thought the buckles were really more bad ass and looks more like the Balenciaga ones except in silver.

Jeffrey Campbell also has some awesome dupes in different colours as well but they're currently sold out.

Well anyway, I just realised I made a whole essay about these shoes...oh well I love shoes. Thank you for all the comments you lovely people.

Have a good day xo

Sunday, January 13, 2013


(burgundy baseball jacket - River Island, cut out dress - Izabel via Dorothy Perkins, skeleton necklace - Topshop, skeleton bracelets - Topshop, frilly socks - Topshop, studded boots - Office, lipstick - 'Innocent' Topshop)

Debuting my Chloe studded dupes for the first time here on the blog, as usual I've had the boots for ages but haven't taken an outfit picture with it until this outfit.

I wore this outfit for college a few days ago and I know it may look a bit dressy but I hardly ever make effort for college because I'm always in the kitchen so I have to wear my whites but because that day I wasn't in the kitchen, I thought I'd wear a dress.

I got this dress from Dorothy Perkins, I needed an LBD apart from my velvet dress from Topshop, since an LBD is one of the basics to have in a wardrobe (apparently) plus I've wanted a cut out one ever since my sister got one from Forever 21 ages ago.

I accessorized with my skeleton jewellery I got for Halloween and some frilly socks to go with my jacket.

Have a good day lovelies :) xo

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

half mini half midi

(body chain - Topshop, dress - sister's Christmas present, aztec print flatforms - River Island)

This outfit has very little items but says a lot. This year I decided to venture more on different styles apart from my usual skirt and top combo as part of my NY resolutions and this dress my sister gave me for Christmas is just the right thing to start that resolution off

The dress is weird because it just looks like someone took a pair of scissors and just cut the bottom half of the front of the dress in anger or something but then failed because it actually looks pretty cool, I think and it's what makes the simple dress into a not-so-ordinary typical one. 

Add a weird body chain (weird because I couldn't figure out how to wear it when I got it and still not sure if I'm wearing it right, haha oh well) and some print flatforms and voila!

I can't wait to wear this on holiday/summer 'cause it's so light and comfy that it will be perfect for those hot and stuffy days.

P.S. Just got back from watching 'The Impossible' and it seriously is so good. I cried throughout the film and I really think it should get an Oscar or even a nomination. The film just really made me so thankful of my life no matter how bad it gets...I really recommend it :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


(hat - H&M, studded collar - River Island, 'Ask me if I care' top - River Island, silver shimmer skirt - River Island, tights - Primark, silver flatforms - River Island, lipstick - Topshop)

My first look of 2013..and it's for work thus why I'm wearing River Island all over. I thought my NYE outfit would be the first look posted this 2013 but it's proving harder to take photos of that outfit since I just looked at my skirt's label and it's hand wash only so I have yet to incorporate that on my list of stuff to do but it will come...somehow :)

College is back on tomorrow and work and all other stuff so I'll be trying real hard to blog and also keep up with all other things; it's part of my NY resolutions. I haven't really posted my NY resolutions here unlike a lot of bloggers have done because I did it last year and I never really followed and I have forgotten them after January so I thought I'd just write it on my daily diary to actually remind me daily about them.

I would love to know your resolutions though :) xo

Friday, January 4, 2013

Instagram: @marieljanina

(paper butterfly c/o East Of India, trying out a bokeh app, home-made curry, hair is down to my bum AH!, Christmas jewellery, finally organised my jewellery, 2013 diary, winter weather, LOTR marathon <3, my wall, Christmas decorations soon to disappear :(, 2013 jar of happy moments)

So I literally don't have anything to blog about at the moment since I haven't done any outfit shoots because of the weather and every time I try to I just couldn't because of how dark it is and NYE has messed up my sleeping pattern so I'm waking up at 2 in the afternoon which by the time I'm ready to take pictures the light would've gone so I'm trying to get back on the swing of things.

And since I don't have anything to blog about I thought I'd do one of those Instagram posts a load of bloggers do and just share some snaps since the start of 2013, follow me on Instagram if you haven't yet : @marieljanina

I'll also try and get an outfit post of my NYE outfit when I finally get to it so stay tuned :)

Have a good weekend lovelies xo

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas presents and haul


(New Look, Internacionale, River Island)

(Internacionale, H&M)


hair dyes, Look blush make-up, Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, Topshop 'Innocent' lipstick

iPhone 4s, River Island men's Skinny Dip iPhone case

(watch - Topman, body chain - Topshop, cross necklace - River Island, gold detachable collar - Topshop, silver stud collar - River Island, triangle necklace - Topshop, cross earrings - Topshop, cross ear cuff - Internacionale)

(tee with necklace - River Island, cross top/dress - Republic, burgundy top - Primark)

(all River Island)

pyjama - Primark

duvet set - Primark

macaroon maker - Selfridges
Babyliss beach Wave Envy curlers - Asda

(burgundy high heels - Topshop, white loafers - River Island, black heels - New Look)

purse - River Island

First of all, Happy New Year to all you lovely people and I hope you had a good start of the year :) I certainly did being surrounded with my friends. This post is quite overdue but it's better late than never.

Here are the presents I got this Christmas including some stuff I bought myself as well. I'm very grateful for what I received and couldn't ask for more. But let's remember it's not about the material things but the immaterial things around us that's important such as family and friends, I was surrounded with my family and that was the best present I could have ever asked.

On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to have a few nice things now and again (for me that's mostly again and again, shopaholic right here) I finally got an iPhone...my dad tried to trick me by having me open a cracked iPhone first, I was okay with it though as I just thought to myself that it just needs the screen repairing then he gave me another box and then there it was, a new one with it's screen all intact, it was a nice surprise. So now I've jumped into the band wagon and joined Instagram so follow me: @marieljanina  I've been snapping away ever since I got the phone, oh I love it.

I also got your typical girlie stuff both presents from my family and also from myself: clothes, make-up, shoes and jewellery.

I am a happy gal indeed :) you shall see these items in my outfit posts in later posts to come :)  I have already worn some items for New Years Eve but wasn't able to take pictures of the outfit because of it being dark and rainy *sigh English weather sigh*

What about you guys, what did you guys get for Christmas? Post a link to posts/pictures down the comments if you have any :) xo
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