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Thursday, February 28, 2013

trying to step over that comfort zone

(hat/necklace - Topshop, denim shirt/dress/socks - River Island, shoes - New Look)

As the title says, I am still trying to step away from my comfort zone in terms of outfits, food, music and a lot of things really and with this outfit, I wasn't trying to break away from the zone by wearing a short dress, trust me it would take sunshine and daisies and butterflies to make that happen and since I wore this mid February, it was actually really cold so I wore tights.

Breaking away from the zone slowly by acquiring my first boyfriend jeans and peplum top seen here. My camera died on me after Birmingham (cry) and so I'm still waiting to get that fixed and I shall capture these outfits I share on Instagram.

Birmingham ootd and some pictures still to come up so stay tuned but for now go check out the videos from the trip here.

Happy Thursday xo

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

denim and galaxy

(gold necklace collar - H&M, grey denim shirt - Primark, galaxy skirt - Urban Outfitter, boots - Jessica Buurman, bracelets - Primark, skull bracelet & hat- Topshop)

Little overdue with this post, I took this a while back and only posting it now since I've been so busy with work even over half term and I've still not managed to do college work (sigh) Anyway, this is not a complaint  post.

I got this skirt from UO when they were on sale and it's just really soft and the print is amazing, I can't wait to wear it for summer :)

I'm off to Birmingham this weekend for a late celebratory shopping with my sister and her boyfriend for her birthday and I can't wait to test out my new camera I got a few days ago :) I might even try and make a video since it's got a movie mode now 

How have you guys been?xo

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Girly Valentine

Last year I made a Valentines Day series of outfit posts which you can all see here, where I posted outfits (all of which are dresses) that I'd wear on Valentines Day and this year I don't have much time to do that again but I will try to wear some Valentines themed outfits and just take snaps of that on Instagram @marieljanina since that's an easier and quick way :)

So this year, I decided to just compile outfits I have posted already that can also be worn for Valentines Day (click on picture to link back to the original posts), again all quite girly since I'm a girly girl :)

What are your plans for Valentines?xx
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