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Monday, April 29, 2013

a nautical twist and my memory box

(sleeveless top - H&M, skirt including belt - Primark, mary jane nude heels - Topshop, Mac 'Ruby Woo' lipstick, ring, earrings & white skull bracelet - Topshop, black spike bracelet - Forever 21, gold skull bracelet - Internacionale)

From sporty to girly...wore this outfit last Friday to a leaving party minus the red lips because I had a dark eye make-up on and the red just didn't suit the whole thing but for these pictures, they seemed okay so let's go with that.

I wasn't aiming for nautical or navy/sailor alike outfit at all, just happened to realise that as I was finally looking through the shots and may I say I'm enjoying the twist to the nautical style/trend in this outfit (unintentional of course). 

One thing I'm not enjoying is how my hair looks so frizzy here, I seriously need to sort it out but just can't find the time plus I'm saving for a Mac so maybe the hair can wait (since it looks like it's been waiting for a llllooooonnngggg time now anyway *sigh*)

And whilst we're on the topic of hair, I've included my new video here 'Memory Box' where I curled my hair in attempt to show you how I do it but I wasn't happy with it so I ended up doing a completely different video but stay tuned since I took some outfit pictures and a video to go along with it for my next post and who knows maybe in the future (if you want to see it) I might re-try a hair curling kinda thing tutorial? Maybe?

Ok, I'll let you get on with your lives, have a fab week lovelies xx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

sporty notty

(spiked snapback - Romwe, Joy Division print jumper - Urban Outfitters, shorts - Topshop, court shoes - Internacionale, lipstick - Mac 'Ruby Woo')

I don't really know what I was aiming for in this outfit, I think I was going for something sporty but trying to look sporty with a limited amount of clothes is pretty challenging so I had to make it work. I suppose anything baggy or bomber alike along with a snapback and some court shoes can be at least even 10% be sporty? no? 

I may have been inspired way too much with bloggers going all sporty and court shoes on the blogosphere and also the fashion week 2 months ago with all those caps at Herve Leger and sporty luxe looks even though it's not for another season, oh well..

Anyway, as you can tell, the weather is finally starting to bloom  and hopefully it will be like this all summer long, god knows we deserve it with that miserable long winter.

Have a good day lovelies and stay safe xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

when the sun finally shone | 50 Facts About Me

(denim and leopard 2 tone shirt - Primark, pleather skirt - Hearts & Bows, cut out Balenciaga dupes - Jessica Buurman, black shopper tote bag - Zara)

Hi guys, I hope you still remember who I am because I sure hell seemed like I forgot about blogging but I have good reasons as usual.

First of all, I or me and my family are moving down south of England so I have been busy packing all my things and the house stuff, I was also at the Grand National last week alongside college and I actually posted some video diaries of each day on my Youtube channel if you want to have a gander there and finally, the weather is just starting to become nicer now...pretty late may I add. Although the weather is still a bit weird since it's sunny one minute and rain the next but thank goodness it's not as cold anymore.

AHA! Not as cold where I actually managed to go bare legged for these shots but still wore tights when I went out and good choice of mine since it actually rained later on during the day.

I'll be posting quite similar outfit as well for the next few weeks since 3/4 of my clothes are now packed so you will see quite the same things, please bare with me because when I've finally moved next month I will be back to normal blogging (cross fingers*).

Also I wanted to let you know that I did a '50 Facts About Me' video, I know this tag has been around for quite some time and I actually wanted to do a blog post of it when it started spreading around in the blogosphere but then I decided to do a video instead since it seemed more fun and even though it's quite late I'm still glad I found time to do one because it actually made me remind myself of memories and things like that so check it out :)

Have a lovely day lovlies xx
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