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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Review #2

(avocado loving morning)

(my version of brownies, morning light, throwback to Eden Project, city rocks)

(current read: Looking For Alaska)

(Classic Tartan, Snowy photoshoot, when at work, bestfriends)


(no more sunshine)

(TMI tag, sunshine morning stroll, Flashback blog post, what book to read next)

(Hop and Vine pub grub, roses room decor, wood a wood chuck wood, sporting bed hair)

Another week review, quite a lot of snaps for a week, can you tell I'm obsessed with Insta? I actually have over 20 more pics to post throughout the week, ooops haha.

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Have a fab week lovelies xo


Friday, February 21, 2014


(beanie - unknown, denim shirt - River Island)

Getting used to these crazy weirdo faces now, haha. Totally embracing it more and more and I suppose that's a good thing.
Anyway, I did the TMI tag and tag you all to do it whether on your blogs or video form and leave me links in the comments below so I can check them out :)

The tag has the weirdest and most random questions and it's quite fun. Watch video below to see.
Have a fab weekend guys xo


Monday, February 17, 2014

Classic Tartan

(hat - H&M, coat - Miss Selfridge, socks - gift from sister, shoes - New Look)

Today my mum said: 'Besides the wicked rainy weather, this is the 2nd worse weather to take pictures with' whilst pertaining to the constant shifting sunlight and then darkness and then rain and then clouds. 
Of course, she couldn't be more right, if not raining or hailing snow then it's the 'sunny-yay ah-ah, nope it's cloudy again' weather which is what I experienced here when I was taking these photos and that's why some are overexposed and some under but whatever ey, can't fight Mother Nature.  

Anyway, I got this tartan coat from Miss Selfridge during their Christmas season sale for £35 which I thought was bloomin' good since I was just starting my love affair with the tartan trend then and I needed more tartan in my life.
I'm not really wearing this coat like a dress per-se but if I could I would cause it's just too gorgeous or maybe I should actually just buy a tartan dress rather than wishing that I could wear this coat as one, haha.

On a side note, my dad got this classic Hillman as his newest restoration project and here I am using it as props just as any blogger would given the opportunity, oh how it reminds me so much of the Weasley's flying car, although dad checked it out and sadly it just looks like it.

Hope you have a good week and half term for you students. I shall fill mine with video filming, movie watching, Looking for Alaska reading and blogging :) so much fun! x

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Review #1

(top l-r:) throwback to making friends with a crab/lobster @ the Barbican, PL1 celiac starter, Snowy Parton, England's weather result
(left top-bottom:) throwback to making friends with a crab/lobster @ the Barbican, Revlon ColorBurst Matte balm in Audacious, Divergent series, classic peanut butter and banana on toast
(bottom l-r:) classic peanut butter and banana on toast, reading Allegiant with a Unitted Shakes milkshake, 'If I could ride' outfit, Valentines Day
(right top-bottom:) England's weather result, candle circles and room decors, skincare essentials, Valentines Day
(middle:) classic black and red

Haven't done one of these Insta-posts in ages. I thought I would start doing them again as I love Instagram and I'm obsessed. Currently posting 2-3 pics a day of everything and anything, you name it haha.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

If I could ride

(bowler hat - Topshop, top & necklace - Primark, trousers w/ belt - River Island, boots - New Look, lips - Rimmel ColorRush)

Am I the only one who thinks I look like a horse rider with these trousers on? All I need is some knee high boots, a helmet, a riding jacket and of course a horse. I of course don't know how to ride a horse but I have ridden one before under supervision.
This outfit was an unintentional horse riding-like outfit, it just ended up sorta looking like it. I think watching 'War Horse' influenced the dressing up part of my brain even though I was unaware. I loved the film too much and fell in love with Joey and Jeremy Irvine and Steven Spielberg a little more. If you haven't seen the film yet then I recommend it, especially if you're an animal lover or better yet a horse lover.

On another note, here's a video of my latest haul since I haven't done one since November, it includes the top and lipstick I'm wearing in this post and many others from Primark, Boots and Lush (and cheeky little H&M), so if you wanna check the items out click on the video :) thanks lovelies x

Have a fab weekend lovelies.xo

Thursday, February 13, 2014

the orange one

(necklace - H&M, top, skort, tights - Primark, lips - Revlon ColorBurst Matte balm in Audacious via Boots, shoes - New Look, watch - Casio via Asos, bracelets - Topshop)

For those of you who have seen my video, you would've recognized the skort and maybe the top I'm wearing in this post as I wore it for the video too. I shot the two together in a day (yay to productiveness!) changing lipstick and necklace so it doesn't look like it (now you know my secret haha).

Anyways, I love, I mean REALLY LOVE this skort. I already love the said 'skort' style ala Zara, well I love my blue one (see here) but as you know if you read the text in that post, the zipper of that broke so it wasn't really my favourite. I spotted the black one in Primark and nabbed it as soon as since it was also on sale. Then a few days later I saw this one among the rails and my jaw dropped, my eyes widened and my brain went into overload with excitement.

I love bright colours and I love 'the' skort and so picking this number up was a no brainer at all. Always a pleasure to wear something bright and bold during winter just to break through the chill even if it's just in wearing something colourful :)

Hope you have a fab week lovelies, let me know your thoughts on 'the' skort down below :) xo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Electric Blue

(top & tights - Primark, necklace - Topshop, skort - Zara, shoes - New Look, watch - Casio via Asos)

Blue and white will always be one of the best colour combinations for me I think and I suppose in general too I mean that's why it's one of the main colours in most country flags right i.e. US, UK, France and the Philippines plus of course red as well but anyway blue and white.

I love this skort. I love how sporty and weird and sort of touching-in-on-complicated it looks with the whole origami-like thing going on. And I know the whole craze for the skort was so last season but I believe it still lives on, for me anyway. I thank Zara for their ingenuity minus the fact the zipper and the stitching pretty much broke on me when I wore it that time and had to spend more than 1 minute unzipping and zipping back up every time I had to go to the loo and a further more minutes having to take whole thing off of my legs to pre-zip it so I can zip it all the way up. 
I know, I know, I could've just not worn it until I've fixed it but I did because I would rather spend more time in the toilet trying to zip me up but also love my outfit than to be at ease and not be entirely satisfied in my head. Oh the things we girls do for fashion *sigh* haha, anyway that's done and over with, but I still need to fix the damn zipper! Thanks Zara! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Curly Valentines Hair Ideas

I used to love styling my hair of all sorts of crazy back then when I was in high school, so much so that I would actually get up around 6 in the morning to do my hair before heading to school at 8am. Call me Miss Saddo, I'm sure I would if I was in your shoes. 

To be fair though, it was pretty much the only thing we were allowed to be innovative and go out of the window with ideas for because not only were we not allowed make-up, we also obviously had to wear the boring uniforms of blazers or jumpers (it wasn't at all like Hogwarts for you all non UK readers). 
And even then, we couldn't really do much innovation with our hair in such that I mean like hair colouring (even dark red can get you detention, I still don't know how it's meant to disrupt other people's learning)
So I took to styling my hair. Watching Youtube videos of how to style hair from curling to up-do's and all sorts but then high school ended and college began.

College and part-time work came along and both presented the opportunity for me to tackle my love affair with food so I obviously took it and therefore long were the days where I was to spend countless hours in the morning styling my hair. 

But then here we are, well I am here, and you are also here reading this (so random!) I am back with the attempts to see whether I can still remember some of what I have learnt from watching and also from trying.

Here's 4 different curly hairstyles --easy hairstyles-- for Valentines Day that anyone can re-create for whatever V Day plans you have, mine is working (fun!) 

Also a video to watch if you want to see how they all came to be :)

I hope you all have a fab Valentines Day anyway lovelies and I love you all xo

(P.S. I don't know what's with the crazy faces haha)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

What's In My Bag

From left to right, top to bottom: (Bag - Just Fab & Zara (seen in video), First Great Western train timetable, 'Allegiant' book - Waterstones, purse - River Island, college lanyard/ID, keys, tablespoon measure & can opener keychain, Emergency Phone Charger - River Island, Tangle Teaser - Boots, tic-tacs c/o dad from Spain, purse full of bobby pins/hair grips & bobbles, recycled denim journal c/o rikyandnina.com, journal and pens, Specsavers glasses, Nivea body spray, beanie - ebay, Wreck This Journal - Waterstones, headphones - Sony via Asda, fox gloves - Primark)

Did the infamous 'What's In My Bag' video/blog post and oh dear do I have such a typical college-er/student bag haha. Nothing even interesting here besides my Allegiant and Wreck This Journal and fox gloves, well interesting for me anyway.

What's in your 2014 bag lovelies? Anything lovely or is it full of receipts and hair grips? haha xo
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