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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Curly Valentines Hair Ideas

I used to love styling my hair of all sorts of crazy back then when I was in high school, so much so that I would actually get up around 6 in the morning to do my hair before heading to school at 8am. Call me Miss Saddo, I'm sure I would if I was in your shoes. 

To be fair though, it was pretty much the only thing we were allowed to be innovative and go out of the window with ideas for because not only were we not allowed make-up, we also obviously had to wear the boring uniforms of blazers or jumpers (it wasn't at all like Hogwarts for you all non UK readers). 
And even then, we couldn't really do much innovation with our hair in such that I mean like hair colouring (even dark red can get you detention, I still don't know how it's meant to disrupt other people's learning)
So I took to styling my hair. Watching Youtube videos of how to style hair from curling to up-do's and all sorts but then high school ended and college began.

College and part-time work came along and both presented the opportunity for me to tackle my love affair with food so I obviously took it and therefore long were the days where I was to spend countless hours in the morning styling my hair. 

But then here we are, well I am here, and you are also here reading this (so random!) I am back with the attempts to see whether I can still remember some of what I have learnt from watching and also from trying.

Here's 4 different curly hairstyles --easy hairstyles-- for Valentines Day that anyone can re-create for whatever V Day plans you have, mine is working (fun!) 

Also a video to watch if you want to see how they all came to be :)

I hope you all have a fab Valentines Day anyway lovelies and I love you all xo

(P.S. I don't know what's with the crazy faces haha)


  1. Gorgeous hair! Love the ribbon and the bow <3. Also love the colours of your jumper in the video!


  2. Your hair is gorgeous! Great post :) x

  3. My school was just as strict- I had bear constant detentions because of hair and makeup as I would cut it into a pixie crop so often. It's only reecebtky I live and grown my hair and I've been looking for the perfect curly hair looks. Thank you :)

  4. You have such beautiful hair! The second look is my favourite but you look really pretty in all 4. :)

    Tara x

  5. wow lovely ideas!!!! i really love the 3rd look the side swoop so glamorous and the pop of red lip seals the look :)
    youre so beautiful! just found your blog and i love it! wanna follow each other? let me know :)


  6. Cute hair ideas!


  7. Your hair is amazing! I love this style!

  8. Awh, i love your hair and your make up! And your room too! Gorgeous pict dear!

  9. i really love your hair! so gorgeous!
    Anyways, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and ill follow you back instantly.


  10. Nice video and your bed! Come over to enter the Victoria Secret GIVEAWAY.

  11. cute hair styles :)


  12. It's not me, but I'm glad you liked :D
    You're so pretty!!


  13. Love your hair so much and your style is amazing xo


  14. These are all gorgeous - your hair is stunning!! <3

    Ellen xx

  15. I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, and a person that also loves making faces in photos like me wins in my book :) your curls are adorable here too xox

  16. These are all great styles!! I love the second one :) Great blog!

    LT x


  17. thanks for your comment on my blog! it made me laugh :) your blog's awesome and you're so pretty! i'm following you now on GFC and bloglovin :) http://www.bethebteam.blogspot.co.uk/ xx


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