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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week Review #7

(Mother's Day flowers)

(one of my favourite places, in need of a Costa, can't get out of bed, Creme Brulee with lemon sorbet and meringue)

(Sunday Lush bath)

(visit to a farm with college, college view, The Elephant's farm, when will they bloom?)

(Muffin morning)

(life saviours, working on Mother's Day, Spring mornings, awards night in college)

Been a busy day at college this week with lots of events and then Mother's Day today. One week more before half term and I cannot wait. 
Planning to film a lot and take some outfit photos whilst I have time on my hands :) 
What are your half term plans?
Have a good week lovelies xo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mono el Chromo

(hat - Romwe, top-dress - Primark, bag & shoes - River Island, lips - Mac 'Lady Danger')

I wish I knew anything about Ameican football. I also wish I wore this badass hat more but I don't feel badass enough and I hate feeling intimidated by an object if that's even possible.

Can I be excused of wearing such a random, eye-brow raising outfit with the fact that I only bought this dress/oversized t-shirt purely because I wanted to wear it as pyjama? And also as these were taken during last year's summer and I was about to go on my first driving lesson, which is totally irrelevant I suppose, except for the shoes because anyone who drives knows that comfort and safety over fashion. And it should always be like that you fashionista drivers out there. 

Please tell me that you also know who Bebe Zeva is because the real reason behind this outfit is not because of American football, being badass, being sporty and not even about driving or comfort but entirely because of her. 
I was 'channeling my inner Bebe Zeva' as how I've put it when I posted this on Instagram months and months ago.

Have a good week you badasses :) xo

(P.S. Crazy stupid title huh? haha)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week Review #6

(lens for hire)

(Hop & Vine hot chocolate, Spring's 1st official day, Drake Circus, black rose)

(Ayyyy Sundays)

(Aiiii Mondays, Spring Tartan, Finished college for the day, Peachy/coral/pink/orange)

(the collection grows)

This week has been good despite being tired with college and work because I finally got my hands on Catching Fire DVD which I feel I've been waiting for for so long. Other than that, it's been pretty usual as usual, haha.

What about you? What have you been up to? 
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Have a good week lovelies :) xo


Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Clean

My desk top/chest drawer top is in need of a Spring Clean. Heck! my whole room is in need of a Spring Clean all together. It's just one of those tasks you need all day to for. So much junk collected over the A/W months and the dust is showing ever slightly more with the more current sunshine and no one likes dust. Can't wait for half term when I can definitely spend all day for some much needed spring clean :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flashback: Oh Macaron

(hat - Topshop, jumper, skirt, bag & shoes - River Island, socks - Topshop)

Flashback to an outfit I forgot to post last year. I look like such a tween in this outfit and I entirely blame this jumper. It's macaron print and my affinity for macarons doesn't stop with the actual food so I nabbed this as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Plus colour is always welcome in an otherwise monochromatic look.



Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week Review #5

(mini Danish's)

(squares and circles, bookworm's paradise, black and white, new video on 'marieljanina')

(Sunday mornings)

(Kuya's Tindahan, Spring shoe picks, ginger creepin', bath essentials)

(Spring Sunday, peplum and crochet, Lush, Sunday work)

(Ms. Trunchbald's cake)

(apple and plum lattice pie, Chinese and Filipino goods, Costa, skin care must haves)

This Spring sunshine England's currently experiencing is just prompting my Instagram addiction even more resulting in this Insta heavy post. I LOVE SPRING!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

peplum & crochet

(top - New Look, boyfriend jeans - River Island, shoes - Primark, watch - Casio via Asos, rings - H&M, bracelets - Topshop)

Spring has arrived! Hurrah! But let's not jinx it with excitement, don't want that sunshine going anywhere. What better way to take advantage of the sunshine and celebrate Spring than dress Spring-like, am I right or am I right? haha

I'm inlove with peplum and the bf jeans combo, the main reason I bought the pieces in the first place and I have only Aimee to blame. She always styles the boyfriend jeans down to perfection.Plus how can you not love a body complimenting outfit combo :)

Hope you're having a good week lovelies xo.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Wardrobe & Make-Up Must Haves

(light/pastel t-shirts - Primark)

(peplum top - New Look)

(dress - River Island, hat - Topshop)

('They're Real' mascara - Benefit, Revlon Colorburst Matte blam, MUA coral lipstick, Rimmel ColorRush balm, Bourjois Color Boost balm, Collection lipgloss)

(Converse sneakers, River Island flats, New Look sandals)

(floral headband - Primark)

(crop top - River Island, pleather skirt - New Look)

(hat - H&M, crop top - River Island)

(crop top - River Island, denim shorts - unknown)

(leather jacket - Forever 21)

England's recently experiencing a what I would assume is a Spring-like weather at the moment and I'm loving it. It makes me really excited for more sunny days (here's to hoping that actually happens). 

Knowing the customary Spring weather here in the UK though, this sunshine would probably not last long so I took advantage and filmed a video and also shot some photos for the diary. 
Being inspired by the weather and the daffodils that dad got me, I decided to film a 'Spring Wardrobe & Make-up Must Haves' based on my personal style.

The pieces showcased here are the ones I can see myself sporting a lot for the next few weeks. Watch the video above for more of my 'Spring Must Have' picks :) Hope you enjoy xo

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