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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mono el Chromo

(hat - Romwe, top-dress - Primark, bag & shoes - River Island, lips - Mac 'Lady Danger')

I wish I knew anything about Ameican football. I also wish I wore this badass hat more but I don't feel badass enough and I hate feeling intimidated by an object if that's even possible.

Can I be excused of wearing such a random, eye-brow raising outfit with the fact that I only bought this dress/oversized t-shirt purely because I wanted to wear it as pyjama? And also as these were taken during last year's summer and I was about to go on my first driving lesson, which is totally irrelevant I suppose, except for the shoes because anyone who drives knows that comfort and safety over fashion. And it should always be like that you fashionista drivers out there. 

Please tell me that you also know who Bebe Zeva is because the real reason behind this outfit is not because of American football, being badass, being sporty and not even about driving or comfort but entirely because of her. 
I was 'channeling my inner Bebe Zeva' as how I've put it when I posted this on Instagram months and months ago.

Have a good week you badasses :) xo

(P.S. Crazy stupid title huh? haha)


  1. Love the look ! The bag is so gorgeous !

  2. Love this fun and comfy outfit, nothing beats an oversized tee and comfy shoes :)

  3. You're so cute! Your dress/pajama(?) is so pretty and I'm totally jealous of your bag! Love your hair too, how come I've only noticed now that they're purple? Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Bebe Zeva, I'm now an avid fan of FTBH xx


  4. Cool photos! Love how you styled this outfit, the hat is fabulous also...you should definitely wear it more often, you rock it!

  5. your bag- meh *dies*

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