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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

B for burgundy and beach

(shirt & necklace - H&M, shorts - Topshop, gladiator sandals - New Look)

WOW! What a long hiatus from blogging! Gosh, I've certainly missed it and certainly shaking my head on how I've lacked so much when it's summer time!

Here's a post I've been meaning to post weeks ago. Just a simple shirt and shorts combo with burgundy and white as my main palette since burgundy is my favourite colour.
I added snippets of one of the beaches here in Cornwall too since I wasn't able to visit any this year I thought I'd throw it back a year.

I hope you guys had a good summer and are ready for this Autumn that descending more and more. Anyway bisous x


  1. Such a lovely outfit! Love the color combination. And you're very pretty; you look different, in a good way! The photos of the beach are very beautiful too. Infusing photography with outfit shots is such a brilliant idea. Hope you had a good summer! x


  2. Gorgeous photos! x

  3. Stunning blog.. your outfit look really amazing.. i love your blog

  4. very cute chick!


  5. I love your this outfit. I like how you put the necklace over your shirt - so cute! Liuba x


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