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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Je t'aime Paris pt.1

(Outfit: dress & shoes - River Island, kimono - New Look, bag - Primark)

Part 1 of my long Parisian holiday photo diary is here. 
For the 1st day we decided to visit a park we just found out through Carin Olsson's Instagram: 'parisinfourmonths'. She is a photographer who lives in Paris so you're guaranteed amazing, amazing snaps. So as I was looking through her feed when I saw a snap of the Temple from the park and my sister being a photographer herself decided then and there that the park was going to be our first destination during my holiday.

The park is so beautiful, so peaceful and you can totally get lost and baffled even. When I was in the park it didn't feel like I was in Paris at all, I never even knew such a place existed in the city. There were waterfalls, caves, lakes, bridges and of course the Temple. 
But once you get to the top (the Temple) you will then see the city and even have a panoramic view of Sacre Coeur but as you can see from the photos the juxtaposition of the green park against the classic Parisian buildings is clear and it's just utter perfection.

I love this park and definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Paris.
After the park, my sister took me to see the Eiffel Tower as she felt bad that I haven't seen it yet even though I had 9 more days in Paris and I've seen it in my past Paris holidays, but I never argued because I never get sick of the beauty especially at night.

More of Paris coming soon.


  1. These pictures are looking so lovely !


  2. beautiful photos. i also like your dress. you look so pretty in it :)

    xoxo, rae


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