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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Je t'aime Paris pt.5

(Outfit: playsuit & bag - Primark, kimono - New Look, shoes - River Island)

Another sunny day for the 5th day in Paris therefore another visit to one of the most iconic and historic landmarks of all time; the Notre Dame of Paris. 
I've visited the church numerous times before (see here and here) but I have never gone up the church so this time we did.
The views from the top of the church are just so picturesque and makes you awe-struck. The gargoyles add dramatic effect to the scenery.

But one of the most surreal experience of my life was getting a private tour of one of the bell towers of the church. A very nice and friendly church attendant gave us a private tour of the tower and showed us the bells and he said we could wait until the bell chimes for the half hour and so we did.
The bells have been modernised now with automatic timers and an outdoor metal chimer that hits the bells when the timer goes off.
But even with the modernisation in place, I felt like I still stepped back in history with being able to actually go inside the bell tower and go through the tiny doors that leads to the balcony. To see the 4 bells in that tower (the other 4 are on the other tower) and be the 1st people to hear those chimes, it really was unforgettable.

After that amazing experience we climbed even higher to the top of the church where it was quite small and tight actually but the views were even more breath-taking.

Upon reaching ground level again, my sister decided she wanted to go inside the church again and that we did. I admired the gothic style of the church, read about it's history and later thanked the people who created it and preserved it to this day for everyone to admire and be able to use as place of prayer and worship.

Finally, with just a bit of time before closure we headed over to Jardin du Luxembourg to watch the sunset whilst eating ice cream. We didn't get to explore the gardens because of time but it was worth the trip just for the ice cream, sunset and enjoyment of the lavishness alone.

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  1. Wow you actually were patient enough to get in Notre Dame ??? Since I'm a kid anytime I'm in Paris I just can't wait that long ! But your photos are looking amazing, I seriously need to take the time and visit ! You make me miss home, the weather looks so good ! :)

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  2. you really take the most amazing photos, these are beautiful xox


  3. your photography is amazing<3


  4. Beautiful pictures and super cute outfit! I love your purse :)

    Kisses, Kali

  5. great pictures !

    amazing post

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    Have a nice day


  6. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! And i love that outfit so much :)

  7. I'm so jealous! These views are incredible!

  8. Beautiful pictures. I hope to visit there sometime. Thanks for sharing.
    Fash Boulevard

  9. Great pictures! I love your outfit too,


  10. Ohhh my city <3
    Amazing pictures! I love your playsuit too!

    XO Imke

  11. Beautiful photos! Notre Dame was my favourite thing about Paris. That playsuit is gorgeous :) x


  12. Lovely, lovely photos! I've been missing Paris a lot recently. So pretty :)

    xx alyssa

  13. You have some serious skill with the camera! Gorgeous post. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  14. Wow, Paris looks amazing! Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
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  15. Gorgeous photos. Paris is such a stunning city with so much to do. Love the romper!

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  16. Loving the cute romper!
    Paris looks so amazing. Beautiful photos!

  17. Like your blog very much! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  18. great pics, Paris is beautiful


  19. Amazing pictures! Looks like a fun experience, the view is breathtaking :) x

  20. Oh, I love this, hun! So springy and chic! Makes me smile!
    PS: PARIS is my fave!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  21. Wow, you are so incredibly lucky! One of my dreams is to go to Paris and Europe in general, great pictures and outfit!


    x Kellie

  22. You are so lucky to be in Paris! :) I like your outfit and all photos are great! :)

    I am following you via gfc, hope you can follow me back :)
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  23. Stunning photographs! I visited Paris when I was about 11 but didn't get to see anything outside of Disneyland!
    - Grace xx

    P.S. Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3


  24. Amazing photos, you've given me wanderlust! Love your playsuit x


  25. Beautiful Girl
    you are so incredibly lucky!
    Makes me smile! this is my Favorite
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