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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sherry London

(images via Sherry London)
(images via Sherry London)
(images via Sherry London)

Prom season is upon us again although I've already had my prom 4 years ago (gosh time goes so quick!) I definitely would re-do it again in a heartbeat.

Prom is one of those events in your life that only comes around once or twice if you’re lucky and it’s one of the rare occasions you can dress up glamorously and really feel like a princess and Sherry London is just the place to go.

Sherry London is a website I wish I knew about 4 years ago as it would have made all the difference to my prom. Looking through the vast array of their dresses not only made me regret my prom dress choice but also completely made me want to just find a time machine and do prom again.
They have such a wide range of dresses to choose from and not only prom dresses but also evening dresses, homecoming and cocktail dresses too so you're choice is not limited at all.
I found myself swooning over how the dresses look so red carpet ready too and even found some that almost look the same as some of the red carpet dresses I've seen. 
I've included some of my favourites from the site too. The blue dress just looks so perfect especially since the Cinderella craze is going on and can we just take a moment for that amazing neckline of the black dress. And of course, the cute bubble gummy dresses that just begs to be pranced around in. 

 And after deliberating your final dress choice, you can then choose which colour is a great option since there are about 10 girls who will show up in blue and 5 in pink and you’d definitely want to stand out so Sherry London’s colour range is great with colours such as: burgundy, champagne, gold and many more.
Sizing is the main stress source of prom that’s why sometimes getting your own measurements just to be sure is a good idea and the website lets you do this too for £29.99 and yes you have to pay extra but it’s definitely better than having a dress that doesn’t fit right and getting stressed about it.

So if you're having your prom soon or any other glamorous event for that matter then head over to Sherry London and get started right away! I know I would if only prom could be every year.

*This post is sponsored by Sherry London*
All opinions are of my own and does not reflect those of Sherry London.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous my favourite dress was the first one it goes so well with your dip-dye <3

    Asia xx

  2. The two white dresses are my favorites! They look amazing on you :))

    Kisses, Kali

  3. Such beautiful pictures!! 😊😊

    Amanda || amandabootes.blogspot.co.uk


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