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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cologne pt. 2

In continuation from my first Cologne post I bring to you more of Cologne and it's more touristic hot spots. 

After a few hours of walking around taking in this vast and crazy event I decided that it was time I try and look for the spots I originally planned to see. 
But before that I had to stop for lunch and to warm up too as it was so cold that day. 
I stopped in a small restaurant by the river bank right next to the party so it was very busy and I was lucky enough to get a table. 
The menu is simple and hosts typical German dishes, I decided to go for a  Jäger Schnitzel after Googlng what the meal is and it sounded so delicious with the mushroom sauce.
I also decided to try Cologne's own beer: Kölsch even though I hate beer, I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and being surrounded with all the party people got me all brave but alas no beer can transform me. The food was scrumptious on the other hand which totally made up for not enjoying the beer.
The first place on my agenda was the Cologne Cathedral, even though I saw it briefly when I got out of the station and followed the crowd, I went back later on to admire it even more.
It's the most gothic church I've seen in all of the European churches I've seen. It's magnificence towering all over Cologne and is considered a Unesco World Heritage site with being the home of The Three King's relics too aside from being without a doubt an opulent piece of architectural art.
After a long admiration of the church, next was the Hohenzollern Bridge for trains and pedestrians which was right next to the church and is also the home to many love locks..yes Cologne has it's very own love lock bridge!
 I had trouble getting to the bridge and walked around in circles actually. The main entrance to it was shut due to the event so I had to walk around in search for the alternative but I found it after much walking and walking.
It comes as no secret that the 'love lock bridge' isn't exclusive to Paris and even Paris has multiple love lock bridges but I was astonished nevertheless to Cologne's bridge. The bridge is bountiful of locks that are even now starting to reach up to the panels of the bridge as the fences are becoming full.
The locks are full of colours, style and lovely words. I'll be sure to come back here one day and put a lock myself, be it with a partner or just for myself, it really is just all about locking in a piece of yourself, a memory.
The church was closed for the day due to the Carnival but I'm sure it's just as gorgeous inside as it is on the outside, I mean just look at it!
The Hohenzollern Bridge just before sunset turns into a copper coloured beauty too.
Cologne's Old Town with the colourful little houses/buildings and Great St. Martin's Church at the back, located right by the river bank. This is where some of the party was too with the famous German stalls of food and drinks. 
I can imagine this area of Cologne full of people too during the summer with tourists and locals all enjoying the sun with beer on their hands..lovely.
More of the festive people dressed all fancy and quirky, I just love it!
When the sun finally disappeared, the cold started to creep in and with my train back to Antwerp leaving soon, I headed back to the station but not without stopping over to relish the last time I'll be seeing Cologne Cathedral until next time.
I must say the church looks even more gothic by night with it's eerie facade of white and grey, but it's beauty never seizing.
My trip to Cologne concludes here. It may have been a short trip of a day but the experience I had of the Carnival, the people, the music and seeing the beauty of this city has made me want to come back again in the future to explore it even more. For now, I am happy and content at what I have seen during that 1 day in Cologne.

Hope you enjoyed these Cologne posts and let me know if you've been to the city and which city would you recommend I visit next?
Hope you have a good day lovelies xo



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  2. I've been there for a couple of hours only, but it still is very beautiful!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

  3. great post as always :)


  4. Love these beautiful pictures!
    xo, Jane

  5. Beautiful beautiful photos!! Cologne looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

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  6. Amazing, I love it! ♥

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  7. Beautiful pictures and really interesting entry - I hope to visit Cologne some day!

  8. great photos!! :) looks like a wonderful place there!

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  9. you captured all the beauty so well. and these food photos, oh gosh, I'm so hungry now


  10. Beautiful photos, great reportage!

  11. So weird that they have a love lock bridge too .. I did not know that! The photos look great. I'm actually putting cologne on my to-go list :-)

    Greets Jon,

  12. Amazing pictures! such a beautiful place!
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  13. Omg!! your photos look great and I'm so jelly!!
    Looks like a wonderful place!! :)


  14. This looks like an amazing trip! Such fun pictures :)


  15. Amazing photos! Looks like a beautiful place.

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  16. The Cologne Cathedral looks incredible! It looks like you had an amazing time x

  17. It looks so beautiful,amazing photos.Great post <3

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  18. Some of the photographs are ust speechless!
    I hope you are having a good time!


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  19. Those photographs are amazing! I love the one with pastel buildings :)
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  20. Lovely photos.

  21. You got a cute smile, I love it! This seems to be a lovely place to visit. Thank you for sharing all these photos with us. Liuba x

  22. Beautiful photos! Well done!


  23. Well, thanks for this! Now I have some severe wanderlust. The cathedral is absolutely magnificent. WOW! :]

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