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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Season to be Jolly

With 5 days to go before the festivities starts (by that I mean stuffing our faces with Christmassy goodness and spending time with the fam), I just wanted to put up a post and wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas. I hope you're spending it with your loved ones and if not then better be still stuffing your faces with yumminess. 
This year alike last year, I will be working as the hospitality industry is a wheel that just keeps turning even more so at this time of year.

So for myself, I will be having an early Christmas at my mum's on Christmas Eve.
Speaking of my mum, she's also a very busy woman this time of year so she gets me or my sister to decorate the house for her.
This year, I didn't have the time to do so, so my sister decorated but these are some photos of last year's decorations by yours truly.

I love mum's decorations with her lovely array of stocking and baubles and her pristine gift wrapping, I mean just look at the detail and the ribbons! It all just creates the cutest and jolliest atmosphere.
I can't wait to see mum's festive house again but more so to celebrate early Christmas with the fam.

Again, a Merry Christmas to all.

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