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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

When I visited Amsterdam for the first time (see here) me and my friends didn't have enough time to visit Vondelpark with our tight schedule and specific plans but on my 2nd time last year for my birthday, I stayed for 1 week and I made sure I checked out Vondelpark this time around.

The park is huge and although we spent quite a bit of time walking around the park, we still didn't reach the other end. Visiting during Autumn meant that the park was quiet too. There weren't very many people and even the few cafes in the park were isolated.

What I loved about Vondelpark are the little characters that make it fun for example the little bridges in the park. This blue one is so charming under that lazy tree.
There's also another bridge we walked past overlooking one of the fountains with love locks on it too, it was so lovely and with the tranquility of the park at the time, it felt just romantic.
As we kept walking around, we also found the rose garden with the different types of roses and other flowers and at the time, the sun was setting too which made for the nicest golden hour light.

Beware though as even though cannabis use outside of coffeeshops is not allowed in the city, some people still smoke them out and about and I found that especially in this area of the park where it was more isolated and trust me you'll be able to smell it so if you're visiting the park with children just be mindful of that.
(coat & snood - Primark, t-shirt - Lot 61 Coffee Roasters, Amsterdam, skirt - River Island, Vans - Schuh)

Finally, my favourite part of the park..this big ass tree that is pretty much leaning down so you can climb it and pose to your accord. But be careful though because it can be very slippery when wet, I'm talking from experience here. 

I can see this park so busy and perfect for a day out in the summer. It also has a barbecue field, which just looked super chilled and an adult playground full of climbing obstacles which is a lot of fun for a kid adult like me.

I've been to a few parks in cities and Vondelpark is definitely now on my list of 'top parks in a city' and would definitely recommend a visit if you're ever in Amsterdam no matter what season.

Have you guys been to Vondelpark before? If so, what's your favourite part about it? Hope you all had a lovely weekend xx


  1. You look gorgeous! I've never been to Amsterdam but would love to go :( xx

  2. lovely photos !


  3. This park looks so wonderful, your photos prove that!

  4. What a great location. I especially like the photos with the large tree.


  5. Cool look !


  6. What a lovely park! I've visited The Hague so many times but never Amsterdam - I would love to go! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  7. Love the unexpected pop of color in the shoes!


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