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Monday, October 16, 2017

Blog and Life Update

Hey guys, oh my has it been a while since my last post. 
So update...I've moved to Bristol! From the small town of Padstow in the countryside to the buzzing city of Bristol. 

I've been in the city for 2 months now and still trying to find my way around and getting used to city life again.
My blog has taken a step back for the last few months with all the moving going on but as I'm starting to settle in our new home, I've been meaning to get back to blogging again, so here we are.
These photos are just some I've taken whilst out and about in the city during job interviews or just on day outs exploring.
I've come across a few Banksy's already, which is pretty given being in Bristol. This little girl and a bulldog one I came across by total chance whilst looking for the park.
I can't wait to explore more of the city and share my favourite places when I find them so if you have any recommendations as to where to go, eat or see let me know below.
Also, I've re-styled my blog and changed the look. I just thought, new house, new life, new job well we need a new look here too. It's a more polished and clean look with little hints of me still which I love, this theme is from Pipdig. They have loads of designs to choose from and its very easy to install, I did mine myself but you can choose to let them do it for you. The themes are also very affordable, professional and pretty. This post is not sponsored by the way, I just think this is a good brand to share especially to fellow bloggers.
So that's whats new, I'm still currently in the process of getting our new home the look I want but I will try and share some home updates as I go along. 

I hope you're all well and have a good week lovelies xx


  1. Ah- I went down to Bristol on a uni day once and loved the city so much and your photos just reminded me of that! Such pretty photos :)x

  2. wow! Amazing snaps! i've never been to Bristol, only London, but it looks awesome! :p
    you have such an awesome blog! omg i love it! I'm following and I would love if you could visit my blog and maybe follow me too :)

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook


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