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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Best Rooftop View in Paris

Paris has undoubtedly got one of the best rooftop views I have seen in person and though I can't say I have seen plenty, I could however strongly say that this city's view from above is still one worth adding to any must-see list. A few years ago, I actually wrote a post with a list of places in Paris where you could see panoramic views of the city from.

Now having been to this city a few times, I try to visit new places and vantage points and with a city like Paris, the list never ends. During my latest recent visit to the city, I actually went to another rooftop that I haven't already been to on past trips before and to another one that needed re-visiting again during this autumn season.
Galeries Lafayette
Besides being known as the main shopping centre of the city, housing a collection of luxury brands and having 3 whole buildings dedicated to browsing and spending; this store's open-to-public, free-entry rooftop with a view, definitely gives the place even more incentive as a definite stop over destination. Not to mention this is the only other open-to-public rooftop that has a restaurant in it, the other one being the Eiffel Tower, so you can enjoy the view over a meal or with a drink or two.
With panoramic rooftop views, a lavish dome and the 3rd floor glass walk; this exuberant mall has certainly become an attraction in itself joining the list with the likes of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame and so many more in Paris.
BUT, despite having a direct view to said famous tower, the best rooftop view in Paris still undoubtedly goes to the one and only...Arc de Triomphe.
With autumnal trees lining the streets, the Iron Lady seemingly being a stones throw away, La Defense in perpendicular to the monument and Champs Élysées's adorning Christmas display in the winter, this monument's rooftop, without a question, takes gold for the best rooftop view in Paris.

Aside from impeccable rooftop views, Arc de Triomphe is in itself one of the main landmarks of Paris. On the surface, names of soldiers from the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars can be seen and an eternal flame resting on top of the tomb of an unnamed World War 1 soldier burns in the memory of all the other unidentified soldiers of both World Wars.
If you are visiting Paris, be sure to visit these two very different landmarks not only for the views but also to see in person why they are both considered unmissable.

-Entry for Galerries Lafayette rooftop is free; there are multiple buildings of this department store in the area and more in other parts of the city, this particular rooftop is located in the women's wear building at Boulevard Haussmann; access to the roof is via escalators and/or elevators (click here for more information)
-Arc de Triomphe charges for access to the rooftop although entry is free for EU citizens aged under 18-25; access to the roof is through spiral staircases only, be prepared to climb (click here for more info)
-For more open-to-public panoramic rooftop views in Paris click here. This post also covers other rooftop options for anyone with mobility problems or feels claustrophobia.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Autumn at Tyntesfield National Trust

A few weeks ago I visited Tyntesfield National Trust as an attendee of an Instagram photography meet with @igersbristol (see notes). This was my first time at Tyntesfield although I have had it bookmarked on my list to visit for a while being that it's the closest National Trust property to Bristol and all the photos I've previously seen prior to my visit have always been picturesque and have shown that it's a natural haven. So when IgersBristol announced they're having a photo meet there, I jumped at the chance of going.


Sunday, October 6, 2019

5 Things to Love about Autumn

Having grown up in a tropical country where there were only 2 types of seasons: wet and dry, moving to the west where there are 4 was something I really looked forward to and still do to this day. It may not be something most people who grew up in Western countries even think about but witnessing your first snow fall in the winter, gushing over those cherry blossoms in the spring and listening to the crunch of the leaves in the autumn; all of it is an experience that not a lot of people actually get to live and see in the tropics.

Which is what gave me an idea for this post. I wanted to highlight the things I love about the seasons as they change starting of course with autumn. So here are my 5 things to love about the autumn season:

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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