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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Hello and welcome to my online page.
If you are new here, I would just like to say welcome and thank you very much for visiting. Let me give you a little introduction about myself and this page. 

My name is Mariel Janina, I'm a full time chef slash baker with a penchant for photography. I've been blogging on and off since 2011 with breaks in between with the most recent one spanning for more than a year. 
It's been a while since I've blogged or even read a blog as over the years it's become apparent that blogging and the online world in general have changed. Of course change is inevitable with anything, I, myself have changed since starting this blog.

I created this page when I was just finishing high school and was just about to start college and back then blogging wasn't a 'career' or a full-time job yet but merely a hobby for most including myself. It was a way for people to share their thoughts, knowledge and creativity online.

But as time progressed, blogging started gaining traction, businesses, marketers and advertisers saw the potential and the success of it and it's creators, so they started working and collaborating with them turning blogging into a 'career' that now even Sims has a 'Blogger' career option within the game. I know right! What?! 

And so from what came to be a past time for many became a full time job for some. Those of which started to post 'sponsored posts', 'gifted items', etc. and whilst in my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these providing there's full disclosures, blogging just seemed to lose the essence of people just writing and sharing things because it's what they genuinely enjoyed to do.

Over the years, adulthood also took over and I completely lost the will and time to write as adult life kicked in. This started off as just a hobby from my teenage years and as I started to tip more into the "adult" side of life, you know, moving out of your parents house, paying for bills, working full time, etc. etc. blogging just took a full on step back, as well as the passion for doing it as it became more competitive and tedious and less about just sharing things out of pure enjoyment and the desire to create.

However, despite blogging not being as it used to be, being just a past time for me and despite the distraction of adulthood, I did truly enjoy doing it and I wanted to come back to creating content again.

I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts to this online diary and I just needed to spark that passion again and actually get my bottom in gear and get back to it. As I said before, this started off as a hobby when I was a teenager so most of my past posts were about things that interested me then and as time went by, those interests changed too and I became less engrossed with them, therefore I didn't really know what else to write about and what else could give me enough passion to blog again.

Now coming into almost 25, I'm starting to discover myself, coming more to realisation of what really interests me and what I want to do. I've always remembered what my mum used to say to me: 'You never really know what you want to do in life until you're actually already an adult.'

Of course this is not true for everyone, some people know what they want to do in life even as a kid. Some people know straight away that they want to get married and have kids and know exactly what career it is they want, but there are also those that don't really know quite yet and need time to figure it out and that's absolutely fine too.

So amongst those years of taking a break from blogging, albeit the odd post here and there, I'm coming back because I'm finding that creative passion again, the desire to create out of pure enjoyment and finally discovering that niche of what it is I genuinely enjoy and want to share and write about.

Over the last few months, I've started to delve more into photography. I've always enjoyed taking photos and through the evolution of  blogging; good quality photos became an important aspect of creating great content and through that, I started to learn about the basics of photography. I'm no pro but it has definitely helped spark some creativity in me again that I've lost over the past years.

Now, I would like to learn more about it and use this platform to share my journey, my photos and all the while keeping this online diary to write and share other things of interest to me too from my travels here and there, food, lifestyle and Bristol (my new home).

I hope this gave you a little bit of insight and again thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this. Keep an eye out for future posts and follow me on the links below for more updates :) Have a great day!

Instagram: @marieljanina
Facebook: marieljaninaparton


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