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Sunday, October 6, 2019

5 Things to Love about Autumn

Having grown up in a tropical country where there were only 2 types of seasons: wet and dry, moving to the west where there are 4 was something I really looked forward to and still do to this day. It may not be something most people who grew up in Western countries even think about but witnessing your first snow fall in the winter, gushing over those cherry blossoms in the spring and listening to the crunch of the leaves in the autumn; all of it is an experience that not a lot of people actually get to live and see in the tropics.

Which is what gave me an idea for this post. I wanted to highlight the things I love about the seasons as they change starting of course with autumn. So here are my 5 things to love about the autumn season:
1.) Natural beauty
The way nature transitions from the luscious green summer colours to the vibrant reds and oranges associated with autumn. How the leaves from the trees recede to the ground, slowly clustering together and becoming crunchy that when you step on them you can hear the sound of the season through every step. It’s not only beautiful but also very fun for kids, adults and even pets to all enjoy, I mean have you seen those videos of dogs running into piles of Autumn leaves? I mean I wanna do it too, if someone can just pile up a load of crunchy leaves for me :D The natural beauty of Autumn makes for stunning photography too and even a breath of freshness from summer photography as it brings a whole new palette of colours and light.
2.) Cosying up with a hot drink
Autumn for me, is the perfect season to cosy up on the sofa or in a cafe with a hot chocolate and my laptop and do some writing or with a book even. The season’s arrival brings with it the typical wind and rainy weather everyone associates with the English weather. Of course it’s not always the case with the odd sunshine here and there but as the season progresses the temperatures drop and this is the perfect excuse to indulge in all the hot chocolate goodness or pumpkin spice lattes, if you’re into that kind of thing.
3.) Comforting food
As the temperatures drop and the days gets shorter, I find myself needing some comfort food. I just hate leaving for work when its dark and cold and coming home and it’s already dark again. The shorter days makes me feel like I’m living a vampire’s life but having some warming, soulful food to come home to helps perk up the spirits when the days are getting a bit dreary. There are lots of warm, comforting food recipes out there, here’s one I posted a while back that’s simple but delicious and perfect for those chilly nights in.
4.) Puddlegrams
Rain is something you can guarantee in England for whatever season, even summer or spring. However in Autumn it can be more abundant. I’m not the biggest fan of rain but I have to try and find the positive in it and one thing I do like about it no matter the season are ‘puddle shots’ or in Instagram terms ‘puddlegrams’. The puddles make for good reflections for photos and the challenges of finding worthy puddles, getting down low and trying not to get wet and getting the right angles all make getting ‘the shot’ that much more worth it when you do finally get the one.

5.) Halloween
Okay, this one not everyone will be jumping on board with to love about this season. It’s not a holiday that’s very celebrated in England, not a lot of people do anything during this time of the year unless you’re a kid going trick or treating or a student dressed up to go on a night out. I myself don’t really do much during this ‘holiday’ but what I do look forward to are the pumpkin carving (fun for the kids too), cosying up on the sofa with scary films and sometimes even getting creative with Halloween themed food and if you ARE going out then getting creative with the costumes too. Like I said, trying to find the positive in things. So I may not be a big Halloween-person but these little things do make me look forward to Autumn.


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