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Friday, October 25, 2019

Autumn at Tyntesfield National Trust

A few weeks ago I visited Tyntesfield National Trust as an attendee of an Instagram photography meet with @igersbristol (see notes). This was my first time at Tyntesfield although I have had it bookmarked on my list to visit for a while being that it's the closest National Trust property to Bristol and all the photos I've previously seen prior to my visit have always been picturesque and have shown that it's a natural haven. So when IgersBristol announced they're having a photo meet there, I jumped at the chance of going.

Tyntesfield is only 18 minutes drive from Bristol City Centre making it the perfect retreat from a busy city life with 150 acres of nature to wander around including the country house too. It's perfect for families, nature lovers, dog owners and photography enthusiasts.
(rainbow umbrella model - @eliza_moreland)
And if you're into English history and heritage, the house which has been restored and cared for by the National Trust since their acquisition in 2002, showcases the largest collection they currently own within all of their properties, with Tyntesfield currently housing over 60,000 items most dating back to the 1800s.

The house displays the lavishness of the Gibbs family (the last owners of the property since 1844); the furnitures the 4 generations of the family acquired over the years for the house, the decorations they owned  including paintings from around the world and even the chapel that was built to adjoin to the house.

There's much to see and learn about this house, the Gibbs family and what English lifestyle was like back in those days. It actually reminded me of real life Downton Abbey with just a smaller property although the Gibbs family did have servers and helpers too which is evident when you come across the kitchen area during the house visit.
(rainbow umbrella model - @porthjess)
But apart from the house, the grounds offer a lot to see and to explore as well and this season is one of the best times to do so with the leaves of the trees turning with autumn in the air and with 150 acres of land you'll find an array of so many different varieties of trees that the family have planted years ago, some of which they imported from different countries such as Japan, America and China.
Tyntesfield also has its own kitchen garden where they grow their own produce for use in the kitchens back in the 1860s and now to the present day. The kitchen garden still produces vegetables and fruits to be used in their present day restaurant and are also available for visitors to take home for a donation.

Their garden is currently showcasing over 30 varieties of pumpkin and squash for their annual pumpkin display for Autumn. It is a sight to see that you really have to view in person to be able to appreciate the work and effort that has really gone into creating this magnificent display of produce.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, despite the weather not playing ball. To be around nature with great company, learning about the history of this estate, the people who lived here and to see and appreciate the amazing work the volunteers do, all of it made for a very wonderful first visit to this place.

I hope this post has given you some what of an insight to Tyntesfield National Trust and has made you want to visit and explore it yourself, if you haven't been.

I also extend my thank yous to Tyntesfield National Trust and IgersBristol again for making this visit possible and for their hospitality.

To find out more information about Tyntesfield National Trust, click here and to find out about this particular visit from other attendees, click the following hashtags which will take you to Instagram and there you will find their posts and more photos from the visit:

Disclaimer: I did not pay for my visit to the grounds or the house as being an attendee of the photography meet we were given free entry for the day in return for promoting the property. All photos and words are my own and does not reflect that of Tyntesfield National Trust or Igersbristol.

Note: I will be doing a blog post about photography meets soon so keep an eye out for that.

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