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Hi, my name is Mariel Janina. I am a born and raised Filipino currently living in England working as a full time chef/baker and a part time hobbyist amateur photographer.

I love food, travelling, photography and blogging and this page is a place for me to curate all of these things for myself and for others to read, enjoy and hopefully take inspirations from.

Food is an aspect of life everyone needs and can't live without and I happen to have studied it and now work in one of it's fields. I would like to share what knowledge I have of food that I have acquired through learning and also through various experiences throughout the years. Additionally, sharing eateries and sources of good and delicious food when I can.

Travelling is something I truly love and would like to be able to do more of, as the quote goes: 'travelling broadens the mind' and so what little travelling I do, I try and catalog on this page to look back on and also to share my experiences and tips to others who may want to visit these places too.

Photography is something I am still learning and discovering and I want to document and share my journey and progress of it in this blog, all the while interspersing it with the above mentioned interests as well.

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Facebook: marieljaninaparton

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